Top iPhone Apps to Watch TV

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Here are a few apps that you can use to watch the TV on your iPhone. The biggest flaw with most of them is that some of them demand that you have cable installed at home, and that you are signed up with a partner company too. It is good if you are already a subscriber to that particular cable channel because it means you can watch the TV even if you are not at home.

iPhone apps for Television


This is the name of the network, and of the app that they have released. It is good for watching their shows, both new and old. The app also comes with photo galleries, video clips and trivia. The app still needs a little bit of development as it has had a few teething troubles, but you should try it if you love NBC shows.

Sprint TV

If you have purchased Sprint TV for your home then you can have access to it for free on your mobile phone too. There are over fifteen channels featuring news and sport. You also get access to popular channels such as NBC, CBS, MTV, USA, etc.


With this app you are able to watch the HBO channel outside of your home. You do not need a further cable subscription in order to watch the shows. You do not need any form of exterior cable subscription. You do have to subscribe to HBO if you would like to watch episodes of show over the WIFI or 3G.

AT&T U-verse Live TV

This app is open to a lot of people, and not just U-verse customers. This app allows you to watch TV shows on demand and watch live TV too. They have channels such as ESPN, MTV, Fox Sports, Comedy Central and the Disney Channel. The app is free to download but you have to pay a subscription to watch TV.


Netflix is well known in America and English speaking parts of Europe. They have a good mix of TV shows and movies that you can stream via a WIFI connection or via mobile Internet. Many people opt to watch movies and TV on their phones via Netflix.

Showtime Anytime

This app allows you to subscribe to a major premium pay-TV channel. However, you do have to be a cable TV subscriber in order to fully use this app. Nevertheless, if you are a subscriber to Showtime at home via you cable network, then you can watch it on your iPhone.


This is the name of the production company and the app itself. You can watch all of your favorite PBS shows on your mobile phone. It offers full-length episodes of PBS shows. You do not need to log in via a cable TV account.

Hulu Plus

They offer a lot of Free TV shows and have done so for quite a while. The trouble is that if you have an iOS (iPad or iPhone) then it is not free. You have to pay a subscription and use Hulu Plus. If you decide to pay then you will have to pay monthly, but you are given access to more shows. The paid app version has full seasons of some shows. It supports WIFI and 3G/4G.

Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network app allows you to watch their network’s TV shows if you are already a cable subscriber with a participating company. It is a little bit like allowing you to take your cable subscription outside of the home. The app is even free to download. The only stipulation is that you are already a cable TV customer.


This is a live TV app. You can watch TV shows that are on right now. It is a good app if your TIVO is full and you are not home to watch a TV show. The app scours the Internet in search of free TV and then allows you to watch it. The app currently has over four hundred feeds at the moment.

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