Top Degree’s That Will Bring Out The Geek in You

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When you are thinking about getting into the information technology field or in any related computer science field, you must first differentiate between what you want to learn and what you need to learn in order to get your dream job. Some jobs have been known in the past as geek jobs. You know the ones. They are the ones where there is little or no interaction with humans; you get to figure out complex and knotty issues that affect humans and you can “play” to your heart’s content with new and interesting ideas. With information racing forward with the speed of light, your geek knowledge is going to be critical to maintaining and moving forward in today’s world. Depending on whether you want to manipulate data or just maintain information streams, the courses you will take will reflect that choice

Degree in Technology Courses

Information Technology

Concentrations in this field include database management, health information management, forensic investigators, cloud architects, web and application developers, software engineers, document management and data mining. Most of these concentrations focus on specific data streams such as sensitive information streams. Others focus on developing and/or retrieving information that has been lost. Once you decide what concentration you want to focus on, it will be easier for you to then decide what degree to pursue. Here’s a brief breakdown of what you can expect with each program.

  1. Database Management

With a database management degree you could manage a company’s database, create new databases, fix issues and ensure databases are secure. At New Jersey Institute of Technology, their masters in database management program focuses on real world situations that you may encounter in your workplace. Data can be either onsite or offsite. You should be able to manipulate data, keep it secure and access it easily. Courses in cloud management and other offsite storage facilities are a key element to understanding and working towards a career in database management. Data mining is a subcategory to database management but equally important.

  1. Health Information Management

A health information management degree specializes in sensitive information gathered by doctors and other healthcare professionals. Knowing about the Health insurance Portability Patient Act or HIPPA is only the first step towards securing a person’s medical history. With this degree you will be expected to know how to safety secure sensitive information while making it accessible to doctors and other healthcare professionals. Like the database management

program, students will learn how to secure data and make it easily accessible.

Computer Science

There is a difference between computer science and information technology. An informative article by Jessica Blanchard explores the difference. You can read the entire article here….Difference Between a Computer Science and Information Technology Degree article…. Computer scientists, unlike information technology geeks, often explore the why rather than the how an object works. They are more likely to create and manipulate the actual systems to create new ways to transfer information.

  1. Forensic Investigators

Although this is often grouped as seen above with the information technology field, most forensic investigators search for the “why” and create new ways of retrieving old data. It could be considered in both fields because of the manipulation of old data. Getting a masters degree in this concentration requires you have a background in cyber intelligence gathering or have some knowledge of working with digital evidence. This can be a very fascinating field to get into with the increase of cyber crime.

  1. Web and software developers

Web and software developers would mostly likely take courses and get a master’s degree in web development. Students following this degree program might develop new ways of transmitting data, uncover and explores existing avenues and “play” with a myriad of computer languages to develop new commodities and/or shore up existing commodities.

  1. Software engineers

A software engineer degree will help you both design and implement various software applications in a wide variety of industries. As technology grows the need for software engineers increases. A good master’s degree program such as the one at Penn State will offer you opportunities to work with other students and give you a wide range of courses to choose from in the program.

  1. Enterprise and cloud computing

This is a relatively new degree program designed for larger companies and corporations that use enterprise systems to drive their data. This is a very popular subsection of the computer science master’s degree program, as more companies need both enterprise and cloud computer experts to develop and maintain their operating systems. Students in this program will learn how to administer enterprise systems, design and develop new enterprise and cloud based systems and maintain existing enterprise and cloud based systems.

All of the above mentioned master degree programs are in the computer science field, including the ones mentioned in the information technology field. Schools like the Massachusetts School of Technology offer both on-line and on campus master degree programs in computer science. You don’t have to be a geek to take these programs. However having that kind of mindset can help you in learning all the complex applications needed to run an industry or business today. There are many concentrations you can focus on within the above programs as well that will satisfy the geek in you. Enjoy!

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Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer. She lives in Raleigh. Savannah loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimed health guru. Savannah got information for this article from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, a college that provide masters in database management.


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