Top 5 Cloud Email Solutions

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Saving emails to the cloud has many advantages. It makes your emails easily accessible from any computer or device, gives you a massive amount of room for your inbox and overall speeds up the email process. There are many cloud email providers, but this post is dedicated to the top five that have the best features and benefits. This list is based on the usefulness of each email provider, and the efficiency of their features. If you need a cloud email provider, then be sure to choose at least one of these providers.

Cloud Email Solutions


GMail is great as a basic email client. You get all of the features you need for sending and receiving email, and the cloud architecture is very solid. Google has made many cloud services, so it’s not surprising that their cloud email platform is very good. While it doesn’t have the power for mass emailing or a large amount of automated responses, it does function very well as a basic client for everyday email needs.

If you need to email a lot of people and you don’t need many specific features, then GMail is great.


This is a peculiar cloud email provider that only provides a few features, but those few features are incredibly useful. You get a temporary email address that lasts only 10 minutes. That may not sound very useful, but this can really help you cut down on spam if you need to give your email address to a shady character.

If someone needs to email you and you aren’t sure if the person is a scammer or legitimate person, then 10MinuteMail is a great provider.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a great business email client that helps you stay connected with your audience. There are many features that will help you with email marketing such as the ability to send out newsletters, mass emails and analytic programs to see how many people opened the email and followed any links inside the email body.

This provider is best if you need a marketing partner to help generate some traffic and income for your business.


This is another basic email client that has a list of useful features that are great for your common email needs. AppRiver differentiates itself from GMail by providing slightly better mobile support. Both providers have a mobile platform that is easy to access and use, but AppRIver is just a little more streamlined.

If you need basic emailing without bells and whistles, then AppRiver is a suitable provider.


SendGrid is a business email provider that is best for transactional emails. These are emails concerning business transactions that are either manually or automatically generated. It doesn’t matter if you are selling to consumers or businesses. You need to have a transactional email provider so your customers know what is going on with their order. If you don’t do this, then you will definitely lose customers.

You also get a range of different analytical tools that will help you analyze your email’s performance. For example, the tools will tell you how many people opened the email, if the email bounced and how many emails went into the spam box instead of the general email inbox.


Cloud email providers offer you many features that other email providers can’t. It’s much easier to access your email inbox from different devices and computers, the emails are easier to send and receive, it doesn’t take as long for emails to reach their destination and you can easily scale up when you need to. If you need a good email provider that stores everything in the cloud, then choose at least one of the five providers above for the best email service.



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