Top 5 Accessories for your Android Tablets

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With tablet market flooded with many Android options, it is most difficult to choose the correct one. Android is slowly taking over the reign of Apple and becoming ever so popular. Also Apple products can turn out to be costly when compared with same level of Android counterpart, thus switching to an Android tablet is a better option. Once you have decided which company and model to choose, lookout for the best deal online or stores. There are many a times promotions going on or companies may offer you other promotional scheme and thus benefit you. But remember buying a $400 tablet isn’t just the end of the game, with infinite number of accessories available to enhance the productivity of Tablet you may need to spend more.

Accessories for your Android Tablets

Adding accessories to the tablet will result in more convenience in using them and enhance the features. It will provide you with an altogether different experience. Not all accessories available are designed for each android model, while some are universal. Thus it is necessary to choose the perfect add-on for the tablet you own. The next thing to consider is the price vs usability; this means that is it worth spending few dollars to the usage provided by it. It is not wise to spend money on good looking or attractive add-on when it would be of no use. Thus here are top 5 accessories which you should consider to buy to get into a new world of experience with your Android Tablet:

Desktop Dock

Samsung offers a Universal Multimedia dock for $50, which will allow you to watch videos, listen to songs or do web chatting all the while when tablet is smartly sitting on tablet top and getting charged. Though this dock is not universal as name suggest, but works on most of Samsung Galaxy products. Before buying it do check out its compatibility with your tablet model or else, you can ask the company guys to recommend you the perfect desktop dock.

Jawbone Diamond Jambox

One of the most popular accessories is a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It comes in two price models of $200 and $300. It will connect to any tablet using Bluetooth and play up the music on high-fidelity sound system with output of about 85 decibels. It is very compact and may amaze you for the sound it can generate. It is can be easily carried along and help you on your trips.

Portable Keyboard and Stylus Pens

Keyboard will help you convert the tablet into a compact laptop and thus office works becomes hassle free. There are options of various wireless keyboards and even flexible ones. They are way too easy to carry. Similarly Stylus pens will keep your tablet shining with no finger prints or smudges on the screen. Stylus pens will come under $20 but you need to choose the one which is compatible with your device. Not every stylus goes with any tablet. Spigen SGP’s Stylus Pen H12 series is a smart stylus which comes with a closure to protect the tip of the stylus.

Cases and Skin

Cases and skin are the most necessary add-on required to save your tablet from any scratches or water spill. These covers come in various shapes even to hold the basic accessory like a keyboard. Various cases can act as a standing docket to keep your tablet upright in various angles. They not only save the tablet from wear and tear but with various colors and design will change the look of boring black colored tablet.

Portable Power

Tablets have very less battery life, thus when on move they may become useless if not charged regularly. You can buy Mophie’s Juice Pack Powerstation Pro, which is a universal external battery to charge your tablet anytime.

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