Top 3 iPhone Apps for Weight Training

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They say that every girl’s dream is to find the perfect guy to marry. Well, we beg to disagree. Because actually, the only thing we want in life is to eat without ever getting fat (LOL). Since that’s not really feasible for every woman, we are forced to eat little and maintain weight by weight training. But weight training is not an easy feat for starters and you don’t always get a personal trainer especially if you’re doing it for weight maintenance rather than sport training. Well in these modern times, you don’t need to shell out tons of money for a personal trainer. Sell iPhone 3GS, get a spanking new iPhone 4S and then try out these cool iPhone apps for weight training!

iPhone Apps for Weight Training

Weight Training 4 Noobs by Archibald Industries ($0.99)

Aside from the fact that it’s way cheaper than a personal trainer, this app is also perfect for those who want to learn weight training without needing to cut off an arm or sell iPhone. The app offers video tutorials on weight lifting which is perfect for visual learners (as in those who learn more from watching YouTube stuff that reading or listening). A major problem though is that while it saves you from needing a professional trainer or a gym membership, you may need to cash in on data plans because it doesn’t work without internet connection.

FitnessFast by VMake Inc. ($2.99)

This app is a little pricier than most weight training apps for a reason. It’s not just a tutorial app but an exercise library that lets you find the perfect kind of weight training for all the body zones like abs, arms, back chest and legs. You can track your workouts and body stats and metrics or use it as a timer for your workout sets. You can also create different workout combinations and add some notes on it. You can even add photos of your workouts! Sell used iPhone and get a refurbished one so you can afford a gym membership because this app is definitely the best gym buddy.

Nike Training Club by Nike, Inc. (Free)

You may be surprised that a company as big as Nike would give away a free app but it’s just right to note that this is a fitness app designed for women. Most are quick and easy full-body workouts that you can do for 30 to 45 minutes. The app has a total of 85 custom-built workout sets to help you not only get some mean weight training, but helps you stay lean and fit without breaking the bank. It is very simple and you can earn and unlock rewards to access extra workouts from your favorite celebrities. Nike got professional gymnast (not to mention Olympic athlete) Shawn Johnson to share her personal training drills. You can also access Pop singer Rihanna’s workout from her personal trainer AryNuñez and even Glee star Lea Michele’s workout regimen. But brace yourself because you have to sell iPhone 3GS to get an iPhone 4S with bigger memory capacity. This app eats up a lot of memory!

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