Top 10 Online Recharge Portals in India & Their Earning Source

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People are curious to know how these online recharge portals are working & how they earn. These days, people would not like to step out for anything right from shopping to bill payments. Since all their works can be done through online shopping websites and recharge portals. But, do you have any idea regarding how the online recharge portals earn money by offering us ultimate free coupons and recharges. If not, no problem, here we are going to discuss about the ten-recharge portals and their earning sources and recharges. If not, no problem, here we are going to discuss about the ten-recharge portals and their earning sources.


1. – Paytm is the leading recharge portal in India, which is now having, over 100 million active users. Through this website, you could pay any bills right from mobile bills to gas bills. For each transaction, they will be debiting some commission amount from your Paytm wallet without asking your prior permission. This is how they earn money from users.

2. – By investing money in the Mobikwik wallet, a user could able to pay their bills online and recharge their mobile very quickly. This website has some recharge partners right from Airtel to Reliance. Their recharge partners will pay them some amount every month and also they will debit some amount from their users for each transaction.

3. – You can pay all your bills at absolutely free of cost with just a clicks away using this website. For each transaction you do, you will get equal sum of rewards from their recharge partners. By simply promoting the brands of their recharge partners, they will get big sum of amount monthly. By giving you rewards, they are becoming very popular without spending any amount.

4. – Payumoney is an excellent transaction gateway for making easy online payments. They have over 4000 e-commerce business partners right from Jabong to OLX. If you tend you to transact your amount to OLX or Jabong, that site will pay some amount from their profit to Payumoney.

5. – This is also a stunning payment gateway used to pay your mobile or DTH or Gas bills in a few clicks. This website earns money by promoting their partner’s brands and services and by the pop up ads. If you click the ad either knowingly or unknowingly, they will be getting some money for every single click.

6. – This website does not demand you to maintain the minimum balance or signup. You can do your transactions very easily. The minimum amount to recharge your mobile is Rs.10. This is how they generate more customers to their website. By generating more traffic to their website, they will be getting more active users and income from their recharge partners.

7. – You can make DTH, mobile, data card recharges using this website. They generate income to their website by the pop up ads and offering free coupons. The free coupons are not only reward to customers but also it is a brilliant promotion idea to promote any new brands. By promoting the brands, they will get income.

Recharge OneIndia

8. –You could able to do all online transactions via this website. And you will get recharge coupons or free recharges at times. Just think, how would you get free coupons or recharges? Obviously, the company will ask you to download any apps or ask you visit any website or ask you to join members to the site. By doing any one of the above things, you will get some amount as free. If you do any of the above things, the recharge portal will get more amount than you.

9. – You can do all transactions instantly and simply. You will get free coupons for some transactions done by you. Free coupons are issued by their recharge partners or advertisement partners. If you get free coupon valid for 20 rupees, fastrecharge company will get double the amount from their partners for promoting their brands.

10. –You can book your bus tickets and do online payments as well using this website. They have different partners for mobile, DTH, data card recharges. For getting free coupons, you should do what you are asked to do by the portal. If the portal says, pay us using Payumoney, you should do the same. If not, you won’t get coupons. They will be getting some amount for making you do what they said.

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