Top 10 Most Used iPhone Apps & Why You Should Try Them

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Let me ask you a personal question: are you actually able to achieve anything in this life without having your phone on a 10-inch distance from you? Because I can’t. Phubbing is my new God and my phone is my only true life partner that I know for sure will stay with me till death do us part.

Having said all that, I do believe that iPhone is one of the most underused tools you are inundating your life with: with the right approach, it can do ten times more to serve you. Let’s review what other people are downloading on their Steve Jobs creations and why you should have these apps on your home screen right now.

Let Your iPhone Be Your External Memory

  1. Cheatsheet

How many tries does it take you to finally successfully enter the password to all your accounts? How often are you thrown aback when the guests come asking or a Wi-Fi code? There is a smart and handy way to keep all these trivial things in one place and free your energy for more creative thinking.


Unlike many other note apps, Cheat Sheet places the things you want to remember in the notification center, on Apple Watch or in pop-up menus so you don’t have to make many extra clicks every time you need to check something.

  1. Evernote Scanner

This is a very simple and quick way to digitalize written pieces of paper that tend to get out of control and take over your desk/ fridge/ wallet and etc.

EverNote Scanner

Evernote Scannable allows you to keep receipts, business cards and other important information carriers in your phone (they can disappear from a wallet, but not from the iPhone, right?). I personally like that you can access the scan history from different devices and how the app turns business cards into LinkedIn contacts.

  1. Pocket

How often you are missing out on a good read or funny movie just because you didn’t have enough time to finish it and then have to go offline! This will happen no more if you use Pocket reading list potential.


Pocket sends the content you want to save for later to all your devices, so you can pick up where you left at any time in any place. It is also a great reader app that allows you to customize your reading experience and remove all the unnecessary distractions.

Unhacked Photo and Video Apps

  1. Spice

Spice is the best alternative between all-mighty iMovie and other plain video editing apps. It can put the soundtrack over a slideshow, cut clips, add special effects, adjust the screen size and much more. The beauty is that it doesn’t offer you a hundred options under each of these functions.


So if you are looking to make a video for your colleague’s anniversary but don’t want to spend half of the working day on it – download Spice on any of your iOS devices and just follow their intuitive interface.

  1. Google Photos

Are you having problems with storage (who doesn’t?!)? Google Photos offers you unlimited photo depository piled up with the opportunity to creatively lay them out in albums, edit and share directly with your grandma, who doesn’t use Apple just yet.

Google Photos

Let iPhone Fill Your Life With Good Tunes

  1. Spotify Music

How often do you want to just listen to a song that has been in your head all day? Are you just like me tired of paying for music almost as much as you do for gas?


Spotify Music App lets you quickly find popular tracks and listen to them for free while online. It is a fully functional music app that has no problem finding the songs you will really love.

Driving, Travelling and Exploring

  1. Gate Guru

Airports are intentionally designed to make your stay there as quick and pleasant as possible. At least this is what you will think when you have a Gate Guru to tell you where to find the best food, how much time you need to get to your gate and when the changes that you need to know happen.

Gate Guru

When you arrive at your destination Gate Guru turns into a place where you can rent a car at slightly lower rates and gives you a weather forecast for your stay. The option to leave a custom review on everything – from cafés to emergency security hold-ups  – makes the app an endless source of useful airport-related information.

  1. Dark Sky

Nothing can ruin the day more than the weather you didn’t prepare for both in terms of activities and clothing. Even though many of us lost hope in weather forecasts, Dark Sky is a smart one – it is super sensitive and tells you the forecast for your exact location in the city or during the whole route.

Dark Sky

Boost Your Productivity and Effectiveness

  1. Swiftkey Keyboard

Isn’t it strange that with all the modern technology development we still can’t figure out a way to eliminate embarrassing typos? And in most cases Apple auto correct only worsens the situation, especially when you notice it after hitting the “send” button.


Swiftkey is a completely different keyboard that learns from the way you type and adapts to it. This means that it will suggest the correction you really meant and even predict what you are about to write. And guess what? With Swiftkey the iPhone finally learnt to insert the spaces on its own, instead of suggesting a completely irrelevant word!

  1. Mint Money Manager

Mint is a great way to manage your finances for whatever purpose it is – be it saving up for vacation, trying to realize where your money is disappearing or calculating a loan.


The reason why this particular app is so effective is that it monitors all your accounts (debit, credit, cash, loans and investments) and distributes the spending categories almost automatically. Mint can even suggest how you can save on bank fees and tells you when you risk going broke before it actually happens.

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