Top 10 Email Marketing Tips! What You Need to Know

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These days, emailing is being used as an important eCommerce website solution and tool in online marketing. Yes! This is a true fact and most of us are aware of it. Many eCommerce marketing companies work through emailing. In fact email marketing has two broad classifications including transactional email marketing and direct email marketing. Many online shopping firms have made emailing as their mode of communication with their customers. If the customer has any query or complaint regarding a product, then a single mail to the company’s desk can initiate the redressal process.

Email Marketing

This is a very helpful way of interacting with the customers and this can also gain their trust. These days more than 70% of customers choose online shopping and added to it if they have some complaints with their products then they also choose to mail the online shopping site after which their problem is sorted. But then added to it, email marketing has a number of dos and don’ts. To make the relationship between the customer and the seller even better, there are a number of requirements that are needed to be taken care of properly. It is true that we cannot read the minds and hearts of each and every customer so we should give our emailing site the best we can rest lies in the hands of the customers.

Email Marketing Tips

Now let’s look into a very major problem. How to make your email marketing site efficient and trustworthy to the customers? Here are a few steps that will help you make your email marketing better.

  1. Make sure your email has obvious links- Make it a sure fact that you add a good amount of links to each paragraph of your site and your links should be actual as well as factual.
  2. Reduce the usage of images- Written description puts a better impression than images so make sure that you don’t add a lot of images to your site.
  3. There should be an easy way to unsubscribe- If a user is unable to remove the mail he/she has sent from your list then they mark your mail as spam. So to avoid these kinds of consequences, make sure that unsubscribing is made easy.
  4. Follow the spam tips- Following each and every spam while sending mails lets us know where we are going wrong. Therefore make sure that you check each and every message that has been marked as a spam.
  5. Increase your email template dimension- Make the fact sure that your HTML email template should not be more than 600 pixels wide.
  6. Your text/mail should be short and easy- No one has time to go through pages and pages of messages together. So to avoid irritation of the customers make your mail short and simple.
  7. Email list should be clean- Make sure you remove all the unwanted email addresses from your mailbox.
  8. Send test/trial emails before sending the main mail- Do not give your mail a chance to be marked as a spam so check it properly and then send.
  9. Automate post-purchase messages- This is another important fact. Re-arrange a post purchase campaign for about a week, month or 90 days.
  10. Send personalized emails where ever possible – Customers love if they are given individual importance so take the help of personalized emailing.

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