Top 10 Android Apps – Most Used & Trusted by the Users

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Who said Android is lagging behind Apple? The person who misjudged Android phone opportunities clearly hasn’t experienced the magic of some if its world’s best apps that run on this platform.

If you are a loyal Android lover this article will help you identify some of the best-performing applications across many categories almost everyone requires. Google Play is a massive black hole where the memory space of your phone disappears. So this list might help you navigate through its corridors in order to get exactly what you want.

  1. Feedly: For reading everything in one place


This simple reader puts everything you want to consume in one place: be it news, social media posts or podcasts. With its help you can easily keep all your content in one place and find new exciting sources for topics you are interested in.

  1. Google Goggles: Connecting the world

Remember the time when there was a boom for QR codes? Nobody seems to use them anymore, with the new big thing being scanning the barcodes and comparing the item prices on the Internet.

Google Goggles

How do you keep up with all these scanners? You don’t have to if you get a multi-functional scanner that does all of the above and much more. Google took the scanning concept and developed it into a full-scale search engine by images.

If you see something that you want to know more about – take a picture and upload it to the Google Goggles! It can be anything: from a place to a poster in foreign language. Google will then run the picture through its database and tell you lots of interesting things about it!

  1. Last Pass: Never more restore your passwords

Last Pass

You aren’t the only one: we all suffer from having to come up with these super complicated passwords for pretty much every website you use and then forced to change them once in a while.

Last Pass will generate and remember all of your passwords and type them into the browser for you. Its data algorithm uses some of the latest encryption technologies, so you can entrust it even with your credit card PINs.

  1. Action Launcher 3: Convenient phone usage

Activation Launcher 3

This is definitely not the most necessary app, but the most tangible one. It changes the way your entire phone works and looks. With the help of the Launcher you can change the look of all menus and screens, easily edit the icons and delete the unused ones, as well as make some particular folder arrangement.

  1. Pics Art Photo Studio: Because images matter


Let’s face the reality: everybody retouches their photos to make them look nice and stylish. And while Instagram is the easiest way to do it, PicsArt offers you a much broader choice of tools and effects, which are pretty easy to use even on a small screen.

With this tool you can create a simple collage as well as layer the photos or remove parts of it. And if you don’t mind the ads running in the corners of the app, then you can get all these features for free!

  1. Slacker Radio: Music rocks the world!

Slacker Radio

If you can’t live without the right vibe, then this app is a great source of songs and albums. Having this app on your phone is like having a private DJ at your disposal: their playlists are so well compiled that you will never want to make your own.

Slacker Radio streams music for free but if you subscribe then you can even listen to your preferred compositions offline. The app can be accessed on your phone, computer or even in the car.

  1. SleepBot: Always feel brand new!


While this is not something everyone is looking for, it is definitely something you have to explore. I will not talk about what kind of sleep problems we all have. What I want to say is that those sleep-monitoring solutions that used to be costly and incorporated in a bracelet that you wouldn’t want to use or see anywhere near you are finally in your phone.

All you have to do is to leave your phone near the pillow while sleeping. The app will use the phone’s positioning system and mike to track your movements and breathing noises. It will then wake you up during the short cycle of your sleep within the reasonable time frame you state. The drawbacks of this app is that it uses quite a bit of your buttery so you might want to keep your phone plugged during the night (which I always do anyway).

  1. Mobile Security & Antivirus: Protection is everything

Mobile Security and Antivirus

This is a completely free Avast antivirus product that has proven to be very effective both for PCs and mobile phones. Besides scanning your files, browser activity and external storage devices to make sure there’s no malware, it also locks the apps with a password and blocks calls if you need that much security on your phone.

  1. Swift Key Keyboard: Your phone can be even smarter!


Don’t try to hide it: we all know you make typos. You can blame your sloppy finger movements for this, phone functionality or distractions around you, but it doesn’t change the fact how embarrassing it can be.

What Swift Key Keyboard does is it replaces your phone’s original keyboard and remembers your typing patterns, so that it can then predict what exactly you wanted to say or what word you are going to write next.

Swift Key Keyboard

You might say that this is exactly what your autocorrect is doing, but it’s not. Autocorrect changes the words by their closest letter-based neighbors, which is more like a math pattern between keyboard letters. The SwiftKey replaces the words by your typical type moves and speed, and not by the letter proximity, it also learns your slang and shortcuts, so it is almost always right. This makes your keyboard really smart!

  1. Opera Mini Browser: Let there be Internet everywhere!

Opera Mini Browser

You might think that there’s no point in using an additional Internet browser besides that one that comes with the phone’s operating system and I completely agree with you. But there are times when your Internet connection is very slow or you are on a limiter Internet plan.

Opera Mini is a very minimalistic browser. It uses very little Internet data while offering you all of the standard benefits: multiple-tab browsing, private windows, saved pages and so on.

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