The Top Disruptive Enterprise Technology Companies

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Enterprise technology is right in the middle of a huge transformation occasioned by major technological shifts. Some of the technological advancements are:

  • Mobile cell-phone networks are now getting faster
  • Cloud computing is now extremely affordable
  • Software-as-a-service has now become a highly reliable and safe alternative to the on-premises software
  • Social networking is now changing the manner in which companies interact with one another as well as with customers
  • Employers are now more tech savvy. Currently, they bring their own devices to their work places. They supplement enterprise software with handpicked cloud-based services.

So what does the above mean? It simply means that there is a vast opportunity for tech companies to disrupt the status quo. Actually it is already happening. Here are the top disruptive technology companies:

Technology Companies


Calxeda is making data centers run and behave like smartphones. Based in Canada, this company makes ARM-based CPUs which run in servers. This means that the chip powering your smartphone powers the servers in its data center. What makes this company disruptive? The chips used by the company use less power. Additionally, they are at least as fast as the typical servers. Enterprises must find ways of getting more out of their data centers without the need for consuming more resources. For this reason, trust ARM-based servers. According to this company’s CEO, by 2016, more than 20% of servers that will be sold across the world shall be using smartphone chips.


This company is making enterprise storage run just like thumb drives. Fusion-io is in the business of making flash storage devices that plug into a server and make them run faster. Flash storage is a form of storage which runs on thumb drives and your cell phone. This kind of storage is inexpensive, uses low power and is fast. The company also allows servers to share their flash storage devices that companies use instead of buying new, conventional storage systems. What makes it disruptive? The company has proven beyond reasonable doubt that flash storage is incredible for enterprise use.


Apple makes beautiful, classy and fast tablets, smartphones and PCs. They are extremely easy to operate. What makes Apple disruptive? More than a decade ago, this company was struggling to make computers. Microsoft was the industry’s leader. Apple CEO, the late Steve Jobs, in October 2002, while releasing the company’s fourth quarter results reported a net loss of more than $45 million.

Steve went on to say that looking forward, the company did not expect to pick up in the near future. However, he was hoping to put many iPods, iBooks and iMacs in the market. Today, Apple’s iPad and iPhone have created such huge shifts in the enterprise’s history. Currently, enterprises do not dictate to employees which tech tools to use. There has been a paradigm shift in almost how everything operates. Things are quite different than they were a couple of years ago.

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