The Top 5 Photocopier Misconceptions

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Photocopiers have been around for a long time and anyone who’s worked in an office environment is probably familiar with one.

Despite their widespread use and popularity, there are some common, out-dated ideas about these largely underappreciated machines that just don’t stand up to scrutiny in light of their current, high-performance capabilities.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions about photocopiers:


‘They just make copies’

While a stand-alone photocopier specialises in making copies, a modern MFP is capable of so much more. One machine can print, copy, scan and fax documents from a network, USB stickor remotely, from anywhere in the world.

They can print and finish brochures, booklets and envelopes, securely store data for archiving or scheduling print jobs and be configured with Papercut software to help you manage and control your print output and costs.

‘They all do the same thing, so it’s cost-efficient to buy a cheap one’

It’s true that at their most basic level, all photocopiers perform the same task but the price of a machine reflects the speed, quality and functionality you can expect from it.

Cheap units are best suited to home users who have low-level requirements and won’t lose custom or riska business reputation by producing less than perfect images and documents.

For the business user, speed and quality can have a real impact on productivity, efficiency and most importantly, your relationship with your customers so if you rely on documents to conduct your business, your printer should always be viewed as an asset worth investing in.

‘They’re unreliable’

This misconception is largely driven by anyone who’s ever had to deal with a paper jam.

They do happen, but modern MFP’s are designed to maintain a smooth and consistent output. Manufacturers like Konica Minolta have engineered the internal workingsof their machines to prevent this problem from happening and made paper jams, in reality, quite rare.

‘They take up too much room’

If you use individual machines to photocopy, print, fax and scan your documents, then they do indeed take up a significant amount of room, but MFP’s house all those functions in one unit which not only saves on space, but also the cost of energy used to power them.

‘Photocopiers are expensive’

Ranging in price from a couple of hundred pounds to a couple of thousand, most photocopiers now have such a wide, standard range of features – all of which are designed to be user-friendly, so the 6thmost popular misconception about them being difficult to use is also a myth! – that in terms of productivity, they pay for themselves.

With minimal interaction, modern photocopiers can replicate, store, staple and finish thousands of copies, leaving users free to focus on other tasks.

More importantly, in-built, cost-efficiency tools from the likes of Kyocera, which address the price of consumables, parts and energy, minimise the total cost of ownership.

Photocopiers are only expensive when the wrong one has been selected to meet the demands of an organisation.

To find out more about what modern photocopiers can really do and how they can benefit your business, contact the UK’s equipment supply specialists at Copylogic.


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