The Top 4 Things to Keep in Your Gun Safe, Besides a Gun

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Everyone has a lot of things they want to keep safe. I’m not talking about cash or receipts; those things are plenty safe under your mattress. I’m talking about your personal valuables, the things you’ve collected over the years that mean a lot to you in a nostalgic way. So if you have some extra room in that gun safe of yours, here’s a few ideas of things to stuff in there.

biometric gun safe

1. Your Rare & Valuable Action Figure Collection

Look, we all have collections: baseball cards, phone numbers, pirate treasure maps. You name it; someone has a collection of it. My collection just happens to be a bit more awesome than most: action figures.

I can’t think of a better way to protect my unopened, original Dirty Harry figure than locking him in a safe with my own magnum. It just screams, “Go ahead, make my day.” You can just picture the would-be criminal dropping his pants in a panic.

2. Those DVD’s You Don’t Want Your Kids Stumbling Upon

You know what I’m talking about: the kind of show that you don’t want your kids to watch; not because it would be bad for them, but because it would test the lengths of your love for your kids. I’m talking about your DVD collection of 80’s cartoons. If those little tykes found your Thundercats DVDs then they’d watch it all day long and a guy can only take so much of that show.

I’m a product of the 80’s. I grew up watching all the great cartoons of the era; at least we thought they were great. I made the mistake of buying the complete Thundercats collection with only the memories of my childhood to go on. That was one of the biggest mistakes I had ever made. Man, that show did not age well at all. I was planning on sharing it with my children, but after a single episode, I decided it was in my best interest, and theirs, to keep this show locked away in the past, and in my gun safe.

 3. Your Prize Winning BBQ Rub Recipe

It took you years to master this. You traveled far and wide sampling various spices and sugars, sometimes at great expense to your family. You sampled BBQ all through Texas, Louisiana and every other state that you could travel to. You watched the Food Network night and day just to try and learn the secrets of the BBQ dry rub.

That second mortgage was all worth it though because you finally did it, you won the blue ribbon at the county BBQ cook off. The Jones’ can take that and rub it in their fat faces.

Now that you have the perfect recipe though, how do you protect it? You put in in your gun safe. Make sure you set up an air horn alarm as well for an extra level of security, just to announce that the Jones’ tried to get their grubby hands on your recipe.

4. Your Personal Candy Stash

Everyone has a candy drawer in their office, but only the truly foolish keep that draw unlocked. There are a wide variety of locks to choose from. You’ve got the standard lock and key, but most of the cheaper ones can be bypassed with the creative use of a paper clip. Number combination? Only if you doubt the power a sugar craving has over a 4 year old. She will eventually get the combination right. The only secure place you can keep your candy safe from the late night munching squad is a biometric gun safe.

Now Have at It!

Now that you know just how useful your gun safe can be, why don’t you see what kind of stuff you can keep in it? Get creative.

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