The Methods and Functioning of the Facebook Giveaway

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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the superlative social network company called Facebook, also owns a charitable organization called “The Chan Zuckerberg”. He started this trust for intended to support the next generation children. Now, he has promised to afford all of his shares in the Facebook Company. While he was asked about this, he said that, he is very sure about this.

The regulators of the United States Company were told by Facebook that, the total sum of amount assured is 45 billion dollars. Earlier, the founder of the Facebook is assured to afford one billion dollar for the upcoming three years. That is was not clear after some time. But, he is openhanded and pledged to afford 99 percent of his Facebook shares.

The Chan Zuckerberg

For whom, it is?

This donation is solely for the unable and disabled children. This is the big world where our next generation children should be afforded promote equality and human potential by harnessing clean energy, curing disease, personalizing, spreading understanding across nations, affording good education, developing strong communities, connecting people, diminishing poverty and affording equal rights.

The founder said that, we are dedicated to assist making this world for all children and agreed to lend 99% of Facebook shares. At present, the amount is 45 billion dollars. In the coming days, we will join many hands to enhance this world. We have not decided yet about the place and timing of the money distribution and that will be decided by our representators very soon.

According to that reports, it was stated that, this is not the right way of executing this. It emerges to stay about control. Via the Limited Liability Company, the founder of the Facebook can clutch on to the rights of his shares he invested in Facebook and LLC could spend its amount for whatsoever it demands, counting profit generating investment, private investment and charitable investment.

Because of executing this giveaway, the role or designation what Mark Zuckerberg holds in Facebook Company will never get altered since he works towards to the well being and aim of Facebook. So, without any interruptions, he can continue his designation as CEO or chairman for long sum of years until he wishes to be, this was stated in the Company’s personal Q&A column.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Earlier Donations

Mark Zuckerberg was affording internet connections to billion of students and people who left unlinked to the social network. For this reason, a network called project is designed to help people in order to bring more audience to Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. Added to that, Dr.Chan and Mark Zuckerberg jointly have given 75 million dollars to San Francisco General Hospital.

In addition to this, Facebook has stated that, Priscilla and Mark have assured to afford 1.6 billion dollars to their Charity.

According to the reports, Mark Zuckerberg was appreciated for what he has announced. It is very rare that, people in high designation agrees to take part in the development of world by affording something to children. But he did this with tons of pleasure and joy.


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