The Evolution of Twitter [Infographic]

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Sharing information and reading real-time news is now made much easier. One of the best sites created for this purpose is Twitter. Now, the site has more than 288 million monthly active users sending about 500 million tweets in a day. To date, the site is available in more than 33 languages and now employs 3600 employees around the world. Twitter is widely preferred by online users since it has a direct and easy to use interface where you can send tweets and read tweets. When you want to share information or status updates to your followers, you have to be creative since you are only given a limited number of characters. This makes it easier to read information and other details since you are not presented with wordy or lengthy sentences. Apart from that, you can also share updates to your other social media sites. With just one click, you are now connected online.

The Evolution of Twitter



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