The Best Media Players For A Computer

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From music to movies, one thing that remains as a person’s closest companion on a desktop computer or a laptop is the Media Player. With so many developers creating newer players each day, it is a tricky task to choose one. With every player carrying features similar to the existent ones, it can be a tough choice to select one as a standard or a default player. At times, some media players are tagged along with other important software, like antivirus or CD copying equipment, which can help narrow down on the perfect choice.

Best Media Player for Computer

One can set certain parameters to choose what suits their purpose. Some media players allow volume boost, while others may allow audio and video recording. So it completely depends upon the requirements and needs of a person.

With a plethora of available options, here is a consolidated list of some of the best media players for a computer.

Windows Media Player

This is the default player on most computers (Windows), as it comes along with the Windows operating software. Extremely stable in nature, this Microsoft product can be trusted blindly. With several options like skins and other modifications, Windows Media Player is undoubtedly one the best software to view movies. Moreover, easy playlist creation option ensures that one’s favorite music is always on the loop.

VLC Media Player

Amongst the most downloaded media players off the web, VLC is probably one of the only media players that offer sound enhancement. One can double up the original volume using this software. Apart from that, it has the ability to read most formats. This is something, which is missing in many other media players. If one is looking for compatibility, this is the best that there is.

DIVX Plus Player

Probably the best when it comes to playing DVD format files; DIVX player is one of the easiest ways to watch a film along with subtitles. With easily downloadable subtitles available all over the web, it comes along with great convertors too that can help in tweaking files in several different formats.


One of the most web friendly players, Real player allows people to download videos right off the web, such as from sites like YouTube, Metacafe, etc. That’s not all, it allows one to convert and trim videos with ease. Files can be easily downloaded in .flv format and then viewed on the player. It can also allow one to set screen size in various different ratios for one’s comfort.

QuickTime Player

Associated with Apple, QuickTime Player has easy floating buttons for comfortable navigation. So now, one can play music, pause or stop it with ease. The web option also allows one to view and browse the best in music, television and more. Some other features include trimming videos, recording audio, etc.

These are some of the best music players available today. Right from playing music to watching movies, these can take care of any demand that one may have. With so many available options, most of these are downloadable freely from the web.

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