Sony Xperia Miro vs. Nokia Lumia 520

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Since the very inception when the Smartphones have hit the market with a madcap start, the open rivalry between the brands have been a constant phenomenon at every even and then of point. There hasn’t been any single moment when these rivals didn’t end up showcasing their supremacy over the other and the cycle went on and on. This is for a very simple reason that none of the manufacturer would like to lose a chance of coming into the limelight. Over here we have pushed two entirely different Smartphones in the ring to gauge which one is the better of the other and trust me, this was real fun. Android and Windows OS open war has delighted me so much that now it’s really difficult to make out which is better. What will happen when WP Nokia Lumia 520 clashes with Droid powered Xperia Miro in a cage match? Let’s check out!

Sony Xperia Miro vs. Nokia Lumia 520

Talking onto the performance scale right on the very first go stands pretty much neat and logical to gauge the actual standup point of the peers.

The Xperia Miro was found packed with mighty Qualcomm ARM Snapdragon S1 processor that was set at a clock speed of 800 MHz, which was further coupled with the 512 MB RAM. Saying that processor isn’t much promising or performance packed will surely defame the Xperia’s Miro but taking into consideration about its budgeted price, the handset proves pretty decent in every sort.

On the other hand it’s Lumia 520 that has pulled out its entire guns to face the rival on the battlefield. The handset comes packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual core, 1000 MHz, Krait processor, which is partnered with 512 MB RAM. As I say, Lumia has showed up in full swing with its dual core processor!

Advantage: Nokia Lumia 520

OS and system interface:

There is no paradox in evaluating winner when you are sure that both the rivals are from two different hemispheres. That’s right- the Lumia series from Nokia is optimized to run on the Windows phone platform while the Xperia from Sony features Android as its own built in operating system. Declaring the winner on the grounds of OS is entirely different domain.

Advantage: Tie


Certainly, everyone loves to have a display that is sharp, clear and produces punchy color outputs and why not, since it is the most important part of any Smartphone it has to be given a weight.

The all new Xperia Miro comes bolted with 3.5 inches of display screen on its front panel that is set at a screen resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.

On the other side of the ring, Lumia 520 features 4 inches display set at a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.
Thus, Lumia 520 seems to be pretty decent in terms of its bright display and screen size and why not, everyone would love to have a screen that is bright enough and big enough.

Advantage: Lumia 520


Usually, people don’t care about the processors or the display but what actually they foresee is the Megapixels that a camera sensor has. Pretty strange yet true!

The Xperia Miro over here seems to take little extra kudos in terms of its 5 MP snapper that is embedded at its rear end and a VGA camera bolted on the front.

Lumia 520 seems to be on the heating side as it misses out to fix a front snapper in its chassis. However, the rear 5 MP snapper is common in both but efficient video calling via front snapper make things count.

Advantage: Xperia Miro


So finally we have been through the exciting bout between the two rivals and it was more or less really fascinating than it was actually expected to be. No matter what, both the handsets brave prolific features which are simply inevitable to deny. Apart from this, the

Sony Xperia Miro price stands out to be pretty transparent and so is the nokia lumia 520 price. Therefore, if Xperia Miro proves out to be the best, Lumia 520 is even better. Now it’s not going to so easy to decide which one should go with, Nokia or Sony?

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