Some of the most Incredible Advances in Gaming Technology

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After crossing into the mainstream in the 1980s, video games have certainly come to a hell of a long way since, probably further than the originators ever imagined.

The vast array of games available now is, frankly, insane. You can play Ticket of the Stars at online, play simulation plane games through your PC, kill zombies using a virtual reality headset on your Playstation and catch Pokemon out in public on your mobile phone.

Advances in Gaming Technology

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Below are a few examples of some of the amazing advancements in tech that have enabled our gaming experience to reach incredible heights.

Facial recognition

Allowing systems to create your likeness in the gaming world, facial recognition technology and 3D scanning has been a huge success, allowing gamers to create a custom avatar that looks like themselves or, rather inventively, enables you to transfer your own expressions to other digital compositions. Alongside this, powerful 3D cameras allow developers to make creations that adapt to the emotions of a gamer by scanning 78 different points on a person’s face. For example, a few grimaces at your game screen means the system would dial down the game’s difficulty instantly. Clever, right?

Amazing graphics

8-bit graphics in games feel like centuries ago considering the amount of progress that has been made graphics-wise in the gaming world. Cutting edge advancements now allow players of games to experience creations in fully rendered world’s and with photorealistic textures. The higher image quality makes it seem like you’re right inside the game, meaning you’re more inclined to play the game for longer as it, simply put, looks incredibly realistic. 4K capabilities – meaning it must support at least 4,000 pixels – has certainly opened a lot of doors for developers too, with unbeatable colours and crispness now on offer through your laptop or television. Nothing really comes close.

Voice recognition

Perhaps created for the lazy people of the world, there’s no doubting how cool voice recognition is. Computers are now easily able to recognise the voice of their user and can respond to various commands. You can turn your console on or off using this tech, use voice commands to control gameplay, interact on social media, play selections from your media library, or search the web, all this by simply talking to your gaming system. Weird but amazing.

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality

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Granting gamers with fully immersive gaming experience, VR headsets are booming these days and appear to be the latest trend in the gaming world. Nothing like this has ever been seen before, with gamers losing themselves in a fantasy gaming world before returning back to reality by simply removing the headset. What an experience, that’s for sure!

Augmented reality

The virtual world might not be for every gamer out there, which is why the opportunity to play games in our own world might appeal to some. Not confined to a computer monitor or a television screen, augmented reality allows for a perspective unique to the gamer. Walking around in the real world, be it in local parks or shopping centres, these games are playable. Whether it’s catching Pokemon from your garden – a hugely popular augmented reality game – or playing table hockey on your kitchen counter from any angle, this really is the future.

Mobile gaming

With mobile phones more advanced than ever before, so too are the games available on them. The advent of smartphones has put good quality games into the palm of your hand, also allowing casual gamers to enjoy creations they might not have discovered previously.

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