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For a business organization communication is quite literally the lifeblood of everyday processes. This network of communications can span the company itself, clients, suppliers, vendors, channel partners and every other conceivable domain/process of business. Therefore it is critical that this network remains smooth, effective and easy to manage. From a clunky old in-house telephone system, communications has certainly evolved to become an organism of sophistication and technological simplicity. And one of the options that delivers this kind of communications system is what is known as a hosted PBX. PBX orprivate branch exchange system is a viable option to help a business save money and effort.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX System

Features: A hosted PBX comes with a lot of features that enhance user experience and make it easier for such extensive equipment to be maintained by an expert rather than the business itself. One of the most important features of a hosted PBX is the fact that it simplifies communications. Thus an organization does not have to spend time, money or effort in purchasing, operating and maintaining complex and expensive telephone equipment. This frees up the organization and lets it concentrate on its core business rather than looking after the telephone system as well!

Hosted PBX service providers can meet every conceivable communication need of the client. For instance, if you go with a well-established and major telecom provider then you can get access to their global network as well. This makes it easier for you to contact anyone, anywhere, any time. PBX service providers also offer turnkey solutions which can be up and running in no time at all and can come with extremely flexible and attractive price plans too. The major point to be noted here is the fact that these price plans are pre-set plans which will hold no surprises for the organization that is using the hosted PBX services.

Hosted PBX

A business can also use features such as voice mail and disaster recovery when it comes to hosted PBX services. Voice mail today is a very sophisticated entity! Hosted PBX can enable the business to enjoy the feature of voice mail with the image option. This means that you can access the messages on your computer and also get an image of the person who called along with details such as the caller’s phone number and the date and the time of the call. You can also listen to the recorded message and reply to it with a single click of a button.

Communication can become even more important in the event of a disaster-natural or man-made. A hosted PBX service promises uninterrupted communication even during such disasters. By redirecting calls to another location that is safe from the disaster you can ensure that you stay in touch with your customers and other stakeholders in the business ecosystem. Hosted PBX also supports a mobile workforce. For instance you can use the hosted PBX services to make even international calls from your cellular or mobile telephone and enjoy the fact that it does not cost the earth. With the feature of ‘pay per use’ model of hosted PBX, it makes immense business and financial sense.


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    You are completely right that good communication is absolutely essential for any successful business, which is why I am absolutely delighted to find this post. Too few people know about hosted PBX and what it can do for them. Good to see someone spreading their knowledge! Best regards.

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