Social Mobile: Android and iOS, The Infographic to Find Out Who is More Social

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Mobile, ergo social. Smartphone, then app. Two arguments now automatic overlap today: Mobile, then app. But what app? But most of all: what operating systems: Android or iOS is best suited to the philosophy of the social web?

The installed base of Android is the dominant than that of iOS and, moreover, continues to expand. Even the main app downloaded are different, with Android users who devour on a large scale app the most popular and functional. Perhaps the basis of this differentiation should be considered a qualitative element, which is alien to the rankings of the app, or the style factor inherent in every gadget Apple, iPhone iOS means that in turn means much more than the use of the app. There is the question of the alleged social prestige, the fashion of Apple, the lifestyle, even the perception of the physical object itself. Perhaps that is why, not only in the case of the app, the user iOS dissociates from the Android, which is more mainstream, because the user iOS is first of all a user’s iOS, with its own mentality and its profile. However, the mobile world is really a “multi-verse” where technology comes after the social use to which it is – and this is really good news.

Android ios social infographic


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