Social Media and Customer Care: a combination of very strong!

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The Social Media can be used for different purposes. Generally, businesses and individuals use them exclusively to promote products or to update their customers about updates to its services.

Another great way to use them is the customer care , or give assistance and support to its customers through social media. The use of social media in this context can help a brand to gain more trust from the customers.

Social Media and Customer Care

We see, however, as you have to use the social media customer care to avoid causing damage to the image of the brand.

1. Social Media is not a substitute for service!

The customer care through social media should be a plus. You can not replace the traditional service (ticket, help desk etc …) with social media.

Social media can be the first step to be used in the case where a user has problems but, for obvious reasons of privacy, can not be used to solve problems are much more complex.

For example, if a user has a problem with a payment you can certainly give support via Twitter: If you need to share sensitive information such as credit card number or other sensitive information?

2. The speed in response

A key feature of customer care through social media is the speed with which it responds to a request for assistance (of course if it is made at a time appropriate!).

It ‘important to respond quickly to questions you are asked on your social profile: users often judge a service or a product even by the speed with which the brand meets!

3. The accuracy of the response

A customer thinks (and he’s right) that your company knows in detail your product, so do not expect never ever a wrong answer from the profile of the holding.

Community Manager If you do not know the answer to a problem of a user because it is not within your job description (for example, specifications that only the developers know), do not respond and forward the issue to an employee of the company that knows how to respond properly.

A company that does not know your product will never make a good impression!

There are many other things you can / can not do to improve your service on Social Media. Your company what it does to provide excellent service through social media? What strategy adopted? Let us know with your comment

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