Smartwatch could be a new Launch by LG: CEO

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LG could be launching its new and first Smart watch this year as informed by the company head on last Monday. Looking at the increasing competition in the wearable gadget market it could turn out to be a new source of growth for the company.

The South Korean tech giant announced its own second generation Internet enabled Smart watch to be launched later this year in the market. The CEO of the company Mr. Park Jong Seok informed that they have been working on a wearable device which will be more or less a Smart watch which could be easily linked to the Smartphone. He also added that they would be adding some features to it that other companies haven’t added yet in their Smart watches.

LG smartwatch

LG is the fourth largest Smartphone producer of the world, but it has been left behind by Samsung, Pebble and Sony as they all have already launched their wearable Smart gadgets in the market. The smart watch that will be launched by LG will hopefully be able to make calls, take photos, control music as well as receive emails and messages etc.

The most anticipated “Galaxy Gear” was launched by Samsung last September in the form of a Smart watch that was capable of controlling a lot of Samsung Galaxy S4 functions. There is another news that tells us that Apple is also going to launch its own brand new iWatch in the market soon. In this tough competition it is really required that LG should come up with a product that is able to give good competition to its rivals. With the help of latest smartphones you can play online games at Platinum Play.

While on the other hand the total Smart watch sale is expected to jump over more than 500 percent this year and will continuously expand in the following years as suggested by a Strategy Analyst.


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