Smartphone Application Development Tools and Technologies Used for Popular Mobile Platforms

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Smartphones have revolutionized the way of communication in modern world. Advent of useful apps for Smartphone devices has opened new avenues for many people to use the hand-held gadget in their daily lives. Even businesses today depend on multiple advantages offered by Smartphone apps. One of the primary objectives of every smartphone application is to make full use of the device’s capability. There are many useful tools available now for developing high-performance smartphone applications to meet the needs and expectations of both enterprise users and consumers.

Smartphone Application Development Tools and Technologies

Today the market of smartphones is dominated by iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices. So, Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian platforms are actively used by smartphone application developers to meet the increasing need of the users. There are many useful smartphone app development tools available in the market, which are used for popular mobile platforms as follows:

Application development tools for iPhone: Application developers get benefitted from iOS specific technologies, like iOS SDK and others to develop applications for Apple mobile devices. iOS technologies are available with variety of development tools, like iOS stimulator, Objective C, Xcode etc. These tools enable the smartphone developers to design iOS apps with graphically enhanced test applications and eye-catching UI. iOS specific tools also help in debugging and launching the applications on Apple devices. JavaScript, CSS and HTML are some of the frequently used programming languages for building and deploying web-based iPhone applications.

Application development tools for Android: Smartphone application developers, who specifically design customized applications for Android platform, rely on Android SDK. The Android specific development toolkit is primarily composed of two important components. One of them is Android Development Tools Plugin for Eclipse and the other one is Android emulator. Android Development Tools Plugin mainly provides IDE to streamline the process of application development for Android. On the contrary, Android Emulator is responsible for creating device specific emulation environment for development, test and debugging of Android applications in run-time mode.

Application development tools for BlackBerry: BlackBerry® Java® SDK v6.0, Synchronization Server SDK and BlackBerry Smartphone Stimulators are some of the most popular tools used for customized BlackBerry apps development. These tools facilitate in leveraging BlackBerry specific development environment.

Application development tools for Windows platform: The developmental technologies required for creation of Windows mobile application are Windows Mobile SDK, Visual Studio and ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. The tools and technologies for WM app development help in creating, testing, launching and debugging different Windows Mobile applications. The tools also provide suitable libraries and APIs for easy WM application development process.

Smartphone Application Development Tools and Technologies

In addition to these, Java mobile development technologies, like Java ME are preferred among smartphone developers for the flexibility and robustness of Java-based applications. Java also provides the facility of cross-platform portability with its main motto ‘Write Once, Run Everywhere’.

With the increasing usage of smartphones, newer apps are spawning everyday. In order to keep pace with this rapidly growing market of smartphone apps, today both the mobile application developers and software development companies are equipped with wide range of application development tools. The tools are capable of aptly delivering state-of-art smartphone solutions for providing the smartphone users with better experience.

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