Six of The Most Exciting Tech Advancements That Make Jobs Simpler

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Most Exciting Tech Advancements

Modern technology has made great strides in doing what it’s meant to do – simplify our tasks in a variety of ways. The following are just a few examples of tech advancements that have made our lives easier:


Today we can streamline collaboration between large teams scattered across the planet. Documents and images can be uploaded to the cloud and instantly distributed to all parties. New conferencing software can set up and manage meetings. It ensures resources are available, makes reservations, and automates invitations and updates. It can order refreshments and even coordinate the bill.

Smart Devices

Our digital assistants have cameras, text messaging, and internet access. This means messages and photos from the field can be sent quickly to clients or the home office. Updated plans or licenses can be retrieved or verified in moments. Sales people can request and receive additional material. Companies can develop and distribute productive apps, such as job estimators for construction or repair.

Patient Support

Doctors don’t make house calls, but technology means patients can consult a physician, or even group of specialists, without leaving home. Technology frees up nurses and staff by allowing patients at home to schedule appointments, access medical records, or watch instructional videos on a particular treatment or procedure. This is invaluable to healthcare professionals in rural areas, or patients for whom mobility is a problem.

Virtual Reality

Computer-generated simulations can help surgeons learn procedures, engineers test structures, and astronomers observe distant galaxies. It will help provide manufacturing insights, plot strategies, develop and test skills- and share these experiences with others.

Smart Cities

Smart-home technology can be expanded to a community or city-wide level. Street lights, traffic lights, and power grids can all be automated to save power while sensors collect data. Systems can provide detailed and near-instantaneous reports and alerts on pollution, rainfall, and traffic. Not just cameras, but microphones and drones, can patrol high crime areas. Guided drones can reach the site of an emergency faster than conventional human-operated vehicles.


Robots can analyze materials, check specifications, or perform technical lab tests more accurately than people. Labor costs can be reduced, since a robot can be cheaper than a yearly human salary over time. They can work 24/7 under harsh conditions while gathering data, and do not need training. Lab robots can actually learn to use new tools faster than any human.

Advances in computers and telecommunications are driving an exciting new industrial revolution that ultimately benefits every one of us.

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