Samsung Will Pay Apple 548$ Million for Making Galaxy Phones by Copying iPhone Designs

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The Smartphone industry is getting complicated day by day by introducing new mobiles. Also, people will get bemused about which model to choose and what for this model has been selected. This is going one side and another side, the ruling industries of smartphone, Apple and Samsung have been entangled in a court case from the year 2011. We all know that the controversies between Apple and Samsung are going on because of the Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

Samsung Will Pay Apple 548 Million Dollars

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Yes, in the year 2011, the Apple company has blamed Samsung Company for making its Galaxy phones by simply copying the iPhone Designs. After a long gap of time, Samsung has appealed and accepted its mistake and agreed to pay the compensation to Apple Company what they demand. Without making the Apple Company Waiting for a long time, Samsung will accept to pay the compensation inside December 14, according to the Local Korea time.

Amount Divided into Two Parts

The case filed by Apple on Samsung came to an end in the district court of California, United States of America. During the judgement, it has been confirmed that, Samsung say yes to pay Apple 548 million dollars as a settlement amount. Actually in the year 2012, the South Korean Company was commanded to pay one billion dollar. But during that time, Samsung was continuing its case and kept arguing about the case filed on them. And now, Samsung has accepted to pay Apple.

Just because of Samsung accepted its fault, the compensation amount is splitted into two portions. That are, 548 million dollars for copying Apple’s technology rights and patents and 382 million for copying its mobile designs. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Company has reportedly quoted in his life history that, “I am going to damage android since it is a stolen product”. Also, he said that, he is keen to head up for the thermonuclear war on this.

Besides this thing, Samsung requested Apple to send the invoice sheet for the compensation amount. And Samsung say yes to pay the first portion of the compensation amount of 548 million dollars inside ten days once after getting the invoice from Apple. Only four months are left for the completion of fifth anniversary of this case and it is good that judgement came before 5 years of this case. The second portion of the reward amount will be finalized by the jury in the year 2016.

According to the reports, it is said that, it is really good to hear that, the infringement between Apple and Samsung ended smoothly. Not only it is good to both the smartphone industries, also it is good for its consumers as well. It is quiet common that, Apple phone holders support Apple Company and Samsung phones holders support Samsung Company. Besides the controversies were going on between the Apple and Samsung Company face to face, there was debate going on between the smartphone users as well.

But now, there is no reason for the people to fight among themselves once after hearing this confirmation from Samsung Company.


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