Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – An Impressive Tablet Phone

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The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in the Indian market has proved that Samsung smart phones are here to stay. This smart phone comes with a promise of providing the user with a speedier, smarter and a wonderful life. This third generation tablet has an impressive array of features that form part of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 package at an attractive price of Rs. 25,725 for the handset.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

This brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is available in a pure white as well as in a golden brown shade which are alluring to the eyes of the beholder. The tab offers the user with a power packed performance.

The designing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has been conceptualized to meet the rising demands of the user in terms of performance, appearance, features and portability. The convenience of carrying the device is attributable to its light weight of a mere 314 grams with dimensions of 209.8 x 123.8 x 7.4 mm.

Powerful Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is built around the Dual Core processor with a phenomenal clock speed of 1.5 Giga Hertz with a 1.5 GB RAM memory. It has an internal memory of 16 GB or 32 GB memory that is easily extendable to a maximum of 64 GB for storing important data, files and other relevant information which can be easily retrieved in the minimum possible time by the user while using the Tab.

Widescreen Display Features

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 comes to the user with a WXGA TFT widescreen display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and a pixel density of 189 Pixels Per Inch that offers the user with a convenience of viewing the images and text displays with enormous clarity. The user can watch his choicest videos on the large screen of the Tab without any pressure on the eyes.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 comes with a 5.0 Mega Pixels rear camera along with a 1.3 mega pixels front facing camera. The rear high resolution camera allows the user to shoot both photographs and recording videos at a speed of 720 pixels with clarity which can be viewed on the large screen of the tab since the gadget has a video playback at a speed of 1080 pixels apart from the audio playback system which enhances the video and sound quality of the system through its Dolby surround stereophonic speakers.

Operating System

The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Operating System on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 enhances the performance of the gadget through the ease of access that it provides to the user to access it’s both business oriented applications and entertainment applications through Samsung Apps. It has a vast range of utilities that help the user to streamline the performance of the device. Somne of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 are Voice Recognition and Chat on, S Translator, S Travel, Story Album and Group Play. The user can access a variety of services offered by Google.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has a host of connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth v.4.0, Wi-Fi Direct, a USB 2.0 port and GPS facilities such as A-GPS and GLONASS that help the user to access the internet and indulge in browsing the net as well as sharing important information and files with users on other networks. The connectivity provides adequate support for 3 G networks too.

Power Derivation

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is powered by a powerful 4450 mAh battery allowing the user a powerful performance during the time he works on the Galaxy Tab 3 without any unforeseen breaks.

Sensors in the Galaxy Tab 3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is equipped with a Wi-Fi Accelerometer, Magnetic Sensor, 3G/LTE Accelerometer and an RGB sensor.


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