Samsung Galaxy S IV Reviews: Specs, Specifications, Best Price

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Samsung has always been playing its own legacy of sorts in almost every sphere and probably that’s the only reason why the company has become a synonym to innovation and development. This would be no wrong to say that the S IV is certainly the most widely anticipated Smartphone ever produced. Of course, the mobile phone has put in the use of all the top end features and unmatched display ever embedded in any Smartphone as of now. The market was flooded with lot many rumors and airy thoughts of the people from almost all the spheres and that’s what kept it growing out to be a most awaited mobile phone.


Let us now quickly check out what all does this mobile phone has to offer us and how would it withstand to the test of time in the Smartphone market.

Captivating design and display:

If we give a closer look to the design of the novel S IV then it can be easily gauged that the design is quite slated like that of the predecessor S III in many aspects. Furthermore, there’s also one more thing that will surely make you fall in love with the design of the same and that is the use of a bezel and the rear design with dotted pattern. There is simply no paradox upon the clarity of the display unit that comes bolted in a mobile phone like this. The mobile phone packs in the best display unit with mind blowing pixels density.

Talking solemnly about the display then the front portion comes laden with mighty 5.0 inches super AMOLED capacitive touch screen that is guarded with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The total screen resolution stands at 441 ppi. Now this clearly indicates that the company is on a mission making top notch mobile phones that are simply a trend setter in the Smartphone market.


Well, this is quite really obvious that the there isn’t any compromise in terms of the performance of the processor. Under the hood of the mobile phone one would discover a potent Exynos 5 Octa 5410 1.6 GHz Quad core processor, which is further coupled with the nimble 2 GB RAM. Again, this clearly shows that the S IV is a whole wooly mammoth in itself and it can easily serve tough competition to any of its peers.


Since the Smartphone is all set and heavily loaded with the amazing and mind blowing features then having a mighty camera was by far understood. The rear portion of the mobile phone flaunts an amazing 13 Megapixels camera that promises the capturing of brilliant snaps and videos in extreme clarity. However, the front portion comes affixed with 2Megapixels snapper that proves outstanding for carrying out distortion free video calling experiences without any hitch or breaking a sweat. Interestingly, both the front snapper is capable of producing 1080p quality videos and the front camera is capable of handling 720p quality.


All in all, the mobile phone is absolutely futuristic and aboriginal in many aspects. There is no repeating that the technology that the mobile phone uses carves a unique niche in itself and hence it delivers more than what it actually promises. Adding to the array of the features is the technology of eye-tracking. Of course, the Smartphone is absolutely smart in both the terms, whether performance or looks. It’s more of a killer machine designed to captivate the minds of all the techno buffs out there and none can refrain from having a hold onto a machine like this. Talking about the Samsung Galaxy S IV best price in India then it can be seen that the price is set at Rs. 39, 799.

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