Samsung Galaxy Express

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With the advent of Smartphones, communication and its ways have changed. The market is getting filled up with high-tech phone devices each passing day and there’s more curiousness amongst consumers to get the best model. While selecting a Smartphone, customers look for everything – great features, large touch-pads, high-performance OS and of course value for money!

Contrary to traditional mobile phones, Smartphones offer great conveniences. Apart from voice calling, you get the benefit of video calls, 3G Internet, multimedia messages and emails, HD images etc.

Samsung Galaxy Express

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Samsung’s been a top runner in the Smartphone market. Let’s talk about one of its last year’s launches – Samsung Galaxy Express – its features and how to get it unlocked.

Galaxy Express is a phone meant for both work and play. With a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor that has a speed of AT&T’s 4G LTE network, its advanced enterprise features keep data safe and secure. It enables gaming, as well as lets you catch up on movies. The phone’s Wi-Fi Direct™ feature lets users wirelessly share information with other Wi-Fi devices.

How to get the Samsung Galaxy Express unlocked?

Getting the Samsung Galaxy Express unlocked is pretty simple but utterly important – especially if you want to use it with a network service of your choice. Being compelled to stay with one network connection for a lifetime is easy to hear but genuinely tough to handle. Its gets tougher when you’re flying abroad and are forced to pay hefty roaming charges.

Look below to know why you should get your phone unlocked?

  • Be free forever to use any network service
  • Unlocking is a onetime process – simple and quick
  • Unlocking increases the phone’s resale value
  • Save huge roaming charges

Unlocking method!

Unlocking is as quick as you could think! To start with, you need to obtain your phone’s IMEI number – that you get by dialing *#06# from your keypad.

Now look online for a reputed cell phone unlocking agency that offers unlock codes. Get on to their website and:

  • Provide your phone’s IMEI number
  • Mention the current network connection
  • Submit your email ID
  • Confirm your order
  • Make payment

Once the order is confirmed and payment is successfully, you’d receive a 16-digit unlock code on your email ID.

What next?

Nothing much! Replace your SIM with the one you intend to use. When you switch on your phone, it will ask for an unlock code – enter the one you got on your email and your phone will be ready to use!

Keep in mind!

  • Always recheck the IMEI number carefully before submitting the order
  • In case number of attempts left to enter unlock code is ‘zero’, do not place the order
  • Always mention the current network – not the one that you want to use after unlocking

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