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The Nexus 6P is a spanking new android phone designed by the joint venture of Chinese mobile producer Huawei and Google. You might have all heard about both the companies – right? Huawei is a top mobile making company in China and Google is excellent finder of new and smart things. Definitely, this Nexus 6P smart phone will stay beyond the expectations of people.

Google Huewai Nexus 6p

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The reason is that, Nexus 6P is more slimmer and light weight while comparing to Nexus 6. The front camera of Nexus 6P is 8MP but Nexus has only 2MP front camera. Added to that, the battery life and storage capacity are more in Nexus 6P while comparing to Nexus. Also, you could not able to find the Nexus imprint sensor in Nexus since it is only addressable in Nexus 6P.

Classy Features of Nexus 6P

  • Model Name – Nexus 6P
  • Manufacturer – Huawei and Google
  • Google Store Price – From $499 onwards
  • Phone Memory – 3GB
  • Battery Life – 3450mAh
  • SoC – Snapdragon 810 v2.1
  • Phone Storage – 32/64/128GB
  • Weight – 178gm
  • Display Resolution – 1440×2560 Super AMOLED
  • Expandable Storage – USB-C, 3.5mm
  • Camera Front – 8 MP
  • Camera Back – 12 MP
  • Android – Marshmallow
  • Thickness – 7.3mm

Detailed Specifications of Nexus 6P

  • Design – The Nexus 6P is to the mark with respect to its features and specifications. You will be impressed and pleased to have this phone in your pocket. The design is so clever and the phone is light as well.
  • Width – In order to bestow people, a smart and sleek phone, Google and Huawei has launched this nexus 6P into market. The phone is very slim and pick up as well is too good. Being light weight and slimy in structure, the phone does not demand huge space to load it.
  • Camera –The Nexus 6P has a lavishing camera in it. The captured images will be clear, legible and readable in both front and rear cameras. Added to that, the capturing mode has several other features to comfort people while taking photos.
  • Display – The display is big, light and clear to employ. The resolution of the display will surely make you people wonder with respect to its size and clarity. The touch options are easy and simple to execute. The mobile is made with aluminium frame so, you no need to bother about the damages of the display.
  • Fingerprint Sensor – This sensor will both lock and unlock your phone easily. You no need to do those operations manually with a side button. Rather, if you touch the sensor with your finger, the sensor either locks or unlocks your phone as per the status of your mobile. But at times, this sensor makes you go disgusting. Since if you unknowingly or mistakenly kept your finger on the sensor, the sensor will start doing its work automatically. That is, it will try and lock your phone exactly when you do not need that.
  • Latest Android

Of course, we all might have heard about KitKat, lollipop and jellybean android. But this brand new Google Huewai Nexus 6P mobile is designed with the pristine version of Android called “Marshmallow”. Marshmallow is the sixth version of Android. The features and applications of this android are exceedingly good to reckon. The Marshmallow android is designed to comfort the mobile users with respect to making changes with the permissions granted for the applications ahead accessing them.

That is, in other androids, the application will decide the customization and admittance. But in Marshmallow, people can finalize the customization and changes they need to make ahead using any android application. This is what makes people love about this phone.

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