Replaying Frankie Dettori Racing

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With the next-generation consoles now over a year in age, many of us have justifiably neglected our older consoles. Xbox 360s and PS3s are now obsolete, but the PS2 should still have a place in every gamer’s room. The highest selling game console kept us occupied for hours, with many a fond memory saved on the removable memory cards. Remember those?

After getting the good old PS2 out from the cupboard and fanning through the games it was Frankie Dettori’s racing which was to be the lucky disc to be inserted first. For those unsure of who Dettori is, he is a famous flat course jockey and one of the perennial betting favorites in horse racing.

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By CharlesFred

However, for all his brilliance on the track and favouritism when visiting the bookmaking likes of betfair, Dettori’s game was savaged. But, upon playing it again recently, that view is somewhat elusive.

At the time the graphics were less than stellar. Fast forward nine years and they look even more dated. But that only adds more to the overall enjoyment of the gaming experience. When you go back and play a game on an older console, you couldn’t give a damn about what the graphics are like.

For a fan of racing games it was rather refreshing to be racing others on a horse rather than the normative super car. In fact, for a racing game it involved much more than just cornering well. Unless you are a serious racing gamer you would never have to factor in petrol levels whilst playing, whereas, when you are on a horse, you have to gauge the energy levels and make sure you have enough left in the tank to storm home round the final straight. Why there aren’t any more horse racing games is mystifying. In essence, they are just a more complete and difficult variant of the formative racing genre.

As career modes go, the one in Dettori’s game is really up there. You have to go to auctions, play a role in the breeding process and training and stable management. It is much like the Be an Owner mode of Madden way before that was cool. Heck, you can even play online with this gem!

If you still have a PS2 and you are looking for a cheap game to keep yourself occupied for a day then look no further.


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