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Are you crossed whole angry bird game but still you want to play similar game but ending with playing same stages of angry bird. Unable to judge the games which are similar to angry bird?

angry bird

If you’ve been enjoying Angry Birds, I imagine you would like to march on and withstand the other physics-based, catapulting games that come back your manner. If you’re experiencing the latter, you would possibly like what you’ll notice on this post. You can download all the games described below by using These Zbigz Alternatives.

We have got some games, they are popular catapulting games like Angry Birds, fashionable, however confine mind that the thought of a game wherever the target is to destroy your enemies within the field with slingshots did exist before Angry Birds was formed. Thus, there are more games that would fit in the list.

Start here with new challenges.

Crush The Castle

One of the primary few physics-based games that launched within the App Store, Crush the Castle is a very standard and popular game wherever your job is to destroy the opposite castles within the space and wipe out the enemies along with your selection of eight totally different catapults. This game is popular standard that it made a successor, Crush the Castle 2 with extra difficult levels, however with similar objectives.

Siege Master

Siege Master is produced from same developers of crush the castle, Armor Games, comes another physics-based game set in medieval times wherever the target of the sport is to beat the dominion employing a kind of besieging weapons (e.g. a catapult). If you are quite keen on demolition structures a bit like in Angry Birds and Crush the Castle, this can be one game you shouldn’t miss.


This is the third game on this list created by a similar company that created the 2 previous games, Crush the Castle and besieging Master. You’ll notice the web site actually holds to its name because it appears to supply games principally in medieval set up. In Sandcastle, your goal is to defend your town from the offensive ships by shooting cannons and sinking aforesaid ships.

Much like Angry Birds and alternative physics-based games, this game needs some strategy. not like the previous games, the graphics for Sandcastle match the fashion of Angry Birds a little additional in this they’re additional colourful and cartoony, however not to a very childish.

Ninja Dogs

This is a extremely habit-forming game that has been compete over 600,000 times and given a rating of five stars on the official website of Ninja Games. In Ninja Dogs game, your goal is to rescue the Ninja Dog Master from a cat by launching dogs into the air and crushing all the cats visible.

Thegraphics on this game are similar to Angry Birds, particularly since the sport contains vivid colours, a cartoony vogue, and huge-headed dogs with little bodies, very similar to the angry birds solely appear to own bodies and no heads.

These are some games similar to angry bird, but kind of more fashionable. Download them and enjoy demolition.


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