Release of Apple iPhone7 Pushed Back as Apple going for Earlier Apple Watch Launch

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The next iPhone from Apple, which is either going to be iPhone 6S or 7, is expected to release in 2015. It is believed that the phone will not be released on the date which was first rumored as its release date, because the company is likely to bring out its inaugural smart watch, as it has been reported according to latest news from Asia, which is the venue for the assembling of Apple IOS devices. It is rumored that the successor of iPhone 6 will not hit the market in the spring of 2015.

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Apple Watch to come out in First Quarter

Economic Daily News of Taiwan has declared that the new Apple Watch could come out in the market a bit sooner than expected as the yield issue which was causing problems in its manufacture, has now been resolved for its manufacturer, Quanta. Consequently, mass production of this Smart Watch is likely to begin much earlier than it was first believed to be started, most likely in the beginning of the month of January 2015. This watch is to be powered by IOS version and paired with iPhone. In order to facilitate the mass assembling process of the watch, Quanta has already started boosting its recruitment and the company is going to have nearly 10000 employees engaged in the job by the beginning of the New Year.

According to G4Games, Quanta will make available nearly 5 million of these Smart Watches for the market, and this number is likely to touch 24 million mark by the end of the year 2015. Quanta, along with Apple has already got supplies of all the components of the watch, including its frame, display and internal parts, which means that the watch is likely to reach the customers much earlier.

The next iPhone Launch Expected to be delayed

According to the reports of G4Games, the next iPhone, which could either be an iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, is expected to be available in the market later than its predecessor, that is iPhone 6 came out this year 2014, which is in the month of September. Though the version of the phone is not yet finalized, but whichever it is, it is going to be powered by the A9 processor. Nothing has been confirmed by Apple about the manufacturer of this particular processor till now.

It may either approach tech giants Samsung or TSMC for the same, as these are the probable names which are going to fulfill the needs of the company iPhones as well as iPads in the upcoming year 2015. Since the supplying company has not been finalized yet, it could result in the delay of the new version of iPhone and the release could fall on a date ahead of the one rumored according to the previous reports.

In case the new iPhone displays some large scale upgrades, it will be known as the iPhone 7, otherwise you are likely to get iPhone 6S as the latest upcoming version of Apple iPhone.


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