Reasons Behind the Rejection of Apps on Apple Store [Infographic]

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Apple is a big platform where every application developer wants to get positive reception and recognition. Various reasons are there behind the rejection of apps on Apple Store. Let’s figure out what are they.

Apple Store is well known for its uniqueness. More than millions of apps were rejected in 2014 alone by Apple because they were not according to the guidelines of this famous platform.

Numerous developers have faced rejection and in future if they don’t follow the right guideline, they won’t get their apps approved. The most challenging phase for each application developer is to get his app approved by the concrete standards and states of Apple. Here are few causes which can even drag any submission into the categorization of being discarded. Take a look.

  1. Never Announce Other Supported Platforms

Never state that your application also runs on other operating systems. None of the applications store might desire to spot their rival platform by names in the applications which are in the selection line up. Rather, you can disclose it on your website.

  1. Incomplete Information

Apple does not want you to leave any check box unchecked. The ill-fated nonappearance of vital points of contact information, testing, demonstration report data, illogical username and so forth will drag you directly in the group of denial.

  1. High Amount of Bugs and Crashes

For easily passing the criterion and states of Apple, it is suggested by the Apple app developers that you on the whole test the application first before proposing to keep away from application breakdown.

  1. Misuse of Trademarks and Logos

Always abstain from using any copyright, trademarks and logos in your submission or any product images even if they are of Apple. It has similarly been seen that some of the applications gets discarded on the basis of logos and trademarks.

This infographic, created by Hot Bargain Phones, revolves around the various reasons behind the rejection of the apps on Apple Store.

Reasons Behind the Rejection of Apps on Apple Store

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