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We have come across limitless smart phone applications designed to modify android operating system. Among that list, Microsoft has now included an unforeseen application to customize android mobile named “Arrow Launcher”. Before some days, this application has undergone for testing. Later then, the test report was successful. And now, this arrow launcher is widely available in Google play store for the users. This Arrow launcher mobile application is a fantastic tool to use. And definitely this launcher would be a treat for the users.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

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Design of Arrow Launcher

These days, almost all the people use android smart phones and you cannot find anyone who is not having smart phone with them. Also, the users do not want to wait for such a long time for modifying the mostly used applications of their mobile. Rather they want to customize the applications very quickly within a few clicks. In order to gratify the demands and needs of the customers, the Microsoft has launched this magnificent and wonderful Arrow launcher.

By this launcher, all the users could be able to customize the applications such as messaging, accessing the familiar applications, changing the settings of the applications and taking notes. And this Arrow launcher is designed to host the applications in accordance with the user’s usage. That is, what the applications are the users accessing frequently will appear on the top of their list whenever they tend to customize the applications. By this feature, the users do not need to search for the applications rather they choose it from the Arrow launcher’s list. It sounds interesting – right?

This Arrow launcher is simply like the control center of the iOS where you can able to do anything right from altering the settings to accessing the applications. Another interesting feature is that, the users could able to explore the people rapidly to either call or message or email them with just a swipe away. If the required be, users can able to make reminders and notes of the people who they chat or call frequently. As like other launchers, this Arrow launcher also let the users to customize or re arrange any pages or set any page as your home screen or modifying the widgets for using them as the icons, likewise the users can able to do all the things as per their demands.

Final Words

Definitely, the Arrow android launcher will be beyond the expectations of the smart phone users. And with this launcher, they can easily manage or customize the mobile applications. Unquestionably, the features and specifications of the Arrow launcher will never let down the users. So, you can use this launcher in your android phone without any hesitations. And the users can download this Arrow launcher at absolutely free of cost from the Google Play Store. The users can find all such features in this Arrow launcher what they have been dreaming for these days. Overall, this is an excellent android launcher and launched for the welfare of the smart phone users. Just launch this arrow launcher and enjoy the features of it.

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