Proposal Software – What Is It And What Are Its Uses?

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In today’s technology driven world, there seems to be software for almost everything. In the world of business, creating winning proposals can help boost an organization from the ordinary to stellar performance. One extremely useful tool to create such proposals comes from Quote Roller. This company has proposal software that helps an individual create winning proposals and enjoy the benefits from built-in analytics tools as well. Using this software, one can also manage products, templates and clients. This software can also be integrated with a range of tools and applications such as, Google Apps and FreshBooks to name a few.

Proposal Software

 This software solution helps in automating and streamlining the process of proposals creation. With Quote Roller, you can forget the old-fashioned way of creating a proposal namely, using Word and use the intuitive interface of this particular software and get completely customized and more powerful proposals. One of the aspects of the proposal software here is the very useful analytics tool. So how does this very powerful in-proposal analytics work? It is important for you to know exactly what your clients are looking at within the proposals that you have submitted to them. And that is exactly what the in-proposal analytics delivers to you.

For instance, if your proposal has components such as executive summary, pricing and cost details, company history, future plans and so on, the in-proposal analytics will let you know exactly which page has caught the attention of your customer for the longest time. You can therefore use this data or information to expand on the aspect of the proposal that seems to have interested your customer the maximum. Dissemination of the proposal is also far easier with the use of proposal software. By using digital signature you can do away with the necessity for emailing or faxing the documents.

A client only has to sign and take delivery of the proposal directly from the web browser with the help of a digital signature. You can also enjoy the flexibility of creating proposals in different formats such as the PDF or web format. This means that the clients can download the proposal as a PDF document and interact with you on any questions and comments that they may have. The Quote Roller proposal software also helps in organizing information on the products and services that you may offer. You can do this by inserting information on products and prices into the proposal and automating the calculation of the total.

Any proposal worth its salt will also have immense visual appeal! A wide range of themes and styles are available within this proposal software and you can put together a wonderfully customized look and make an impression with the client on the visual side of things as well. After the proposal has been submitted to the client it is also important to know exactly what is happening to it. And this too is possible for the proposal software has a tracking option which helps you to keep an eye on the client who may be opening your quotations, commenting on them and finally accepting them too.

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