PowerPoint Font Tips – Rules for Designing Your Presentation!

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With the growing business all around the world, the need for representing products, goal and services of the company through presentation had become a common trend. PowerPoint presentations are great way to explain complicated concepts easily through slides and attract viewer’s attention. These presentations if made appealing can win the viewer’s heart and mesmerize them. This article will give you some tips for using font and rules for designing your presentation. So here we go.

Rules for Designing Your Presentation

Font Tips for PowerPoint Presentation

• Sharp Contrast between Fonts and Background: The first and foremost point to remember about using fonts in a slide is to match the contrast between font and slide background. Keep in mind that the font color should not get hidden in the background. Choose the color of font which is in contrast with the slide background.

• Choose Standard Fonts: The fonts you are using should be common in all computers, so that if you try to play your presentation in some other computer, it should work properly. Also, funky fonts are not considered good in professional background.

• Consistency: You should use a minimum of 2fonts and maximum of 4fonts in your presentation. This will give your presentation a nice look and not make it hazy in appearance. Try to avoid using more than 5fonts in your presentation.

• Use Different Fonts for Heading and Bullets: The font you are using for heading should not match with bulleted text. If it matches with the bulleted text, it spoils the look of presentation.

• Don’t use Capital Letters in Complete Presentation: Try not to use capital letters in complete presentation. Use capital letters as minimum as you can. This will give a nice look to your presentation.

Rules for designing your presentation

• Go for Simple Design Template: A simple design will attract viewers. Use slide master feature to choose your template. Most of the simple template will be available in PowerPoint itself. You can also try simple custom templates.

• Font Color and Size Should be Appropriate: The font color should not be hidden within the background of template. Contrast the font color with the template background. The size of font should not be more than 32(for headings) and 16(for text) in any slide. You should use Arial or Calibri font face in your presentation.

• Avoid Too Many Special Effects: Sometimes the special effects become quite irritating for the viewers. Try to avoid the number of special effects in your slide and make it peaceful rather than funky ones. Minimize the number of sound effects as much you can.

• Limit the Slide Number: The slides should not be too many in numbers. The number of slides varies differently in different groups.
For projects (15-20 slides)
For business presentations (25-30slides)
For school presentations (10-15)
For delivery of lectures (30-40)

• Use Good Quality Photographs: The photographs you use should be good in quality that is the images should not loose shape on widening up and they should appear realistic and appealing to the viewers.

Hope these tips will help you improving your presentation designing skills and impressing other through your presentations.

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