Now User Can Watch 3D Virtual Video on YouTube

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Viewers can now watch 3D virtual reality video’s on YouTube as per the latest announcements by Google. It is one of the most surprising announcements in the tech year. The video’s which the Google is comprised of contains a 360 degree video with immersive content. Now viewers can watch 360 video’s and share it. The video comprises of three dimensions and games with additional VR experiences. The VR video’s comprises of depth which gives viewers sense of depth compared to all directions which the viewers look at. The video is amazing with tricks that makes the viewers feel the true distance and gives them a feeling that the near things look near and the far things looks far.

3D Virtual Video on YouTube

Custom Paid Content

The video’s includes games like Tom’s shoes, hunger games and other movies that can already be seen via YouTube android app. Other new video’s includes custom paid products on YouTube.

The method of viewing the video’s are simple, just tap the new “cardboard” icon on the screen and it will help the viewers in reaching the video lane. The manufacture of new cable cameras into the market the marketing & film companies are likely to produce more and better films, games, online game movies etc.

Apollo 11 moon landing

There are already some better content flooding in the market which includes a 3D VR video’s which comprises of a fantastic Apollo 11 moon landing, waves of grace and other additional better video’s about the globe.

Google Cardboard

Now viewers can watch YouTube videos’ with 3D setting and space which the viewers can view in Google cardboard via new virtual movie theater. It also gives them an opportunity to watch the video games with their friend on a chosen place with distant screen and clear sounds.

Additional Reviews

YouTube has been great in helping viewers share many videos and get in touch with people by sharing and capturing video’s. There’s a video on changes in mars, a performance by friend or some other fantastic movie and games etc. VR has greatly helped people by bringing in experiences that are awesome and in depth. It works on android app with the help of Google cardboard viewer.

Universe Existing Content

Great news for viewers is the YouTube content with some contents on existing universe. The viewers just have to go on the cardboard option and watch page menu. It will provide the user with large number of contents from the VR content library. It is a kind of experience just like the virtual movie theater using the latest YouTube feature.

Massive Database

With its goal oriented move YouTube aims at making every video clip with a massive database which can be viewed by the virtual movie theater. The phone can be popped into cardboard and viewers can easily watch the clip with a theater view. Viewers can even watch it with VR headset.

Educational Applications

The master mind creators are also looking to make new explorations and changes which include educational applications, certain applications based on medical treatments. In a way it is looking forward to create empathetic applications with some good human stories.

Conclusion: YouTube is simply looking every possible applications to be explored in the best ways.

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