New Dell XPS 13 Review

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Dell XPS 13

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Dell recently unveiled a new laptop the Dell XPS 13 that looks like it means serious business, especially for the 12-inch Macbook and other such ultrabooks. So let’s get to know about it more.

The new XPS 13 which is a major upgrade from its predecessor is better in a number of ways. To begin with, it now weighs 2.7 pounds and features the latest 6th gen Intel Core i7 Skylake processors which was also seen on the 2016 Macbook. All this paired with the sleek and detailed body from the 2015 model make way for a beautiful laptop.

The display of the XPS 13 is certainly its highlighting feature. Dell claims they pack a 13 inch display into a conventional 11 inch body. However, to be realistic we’d say they have packed a 13 inch screen into a conventional 12 inch body which again is no small job. This has been made possible by extreme thin bezels and an almost edge to edge display.

The display on the XPS 13 2015 model was a brilliant quadHD super high resolution XPS 13 InfinityEdge touch display. As if this was not good enough, the 2016 models features the same but improved display. The improvements include more brightness and less backlight bleeding on the edges.

Other upgrades on the new XPS 13 include the incorporation of the new USB Type C Port. This is the same port seen on the 2016 Macbook, just another similarity which hints that the new XPS 13 is a rival to the 2016 Macbook. Worrying about the USB Type C port? Using a connector, you can use it to connect multiple devices featuring USB Type A ports.

Coming to the battery life, this is where the high resolution touch display comes in playing a negative factor. Comparisons to the 2016 Macbook have been made a lot so we’re going to make another one here. The XPS 13 gets left behind by the Macbook in this field due to its high res display. The Macbook on the other hand uses a lower resolution display and churns out more than 10 hours of usage. Dell XPS 13 manages about 9 hours.

So planning to buy the new XPS 13? It will set you back by a hefty $1,399. So if you have a Macbook, plan to sell Macbook to make way for this beauty.


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