Neat Windshield Technologies – What You Need to Know!

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These days, it seems as though just about anything and everything is affected by technology. You can’t really go anywhere without something being computer controlled, or changing constantly. Every aspect of our lives is being touched by these technological advancements and this is especially the case when it comes to our cars.

Neat Windshield Technologies

We are pretty excited about how amazing cars are becoming these days and just how far they seem that they still have to go. It’s hard to keep up and that’s why we wanted to break down a few of our personal favorite things. Today we are going to focus on windshields and give you an idea of just how many options you have out there at your disposal. A windshield isn’t simply a windshield anymore; it’s so much more than that. While you may think of these pieces of glass as a simple part of your car, they are becoming a bit more complicated these days and can do some amazing things that not only are going to make your driving experience that much simpler but also more relaxing. It’s nice knowing you aren’t required much more than to control the car. Cars are even starting to do a lot of what we used to for us!

Heated Windshields

While this isn’t exactly something that is new for many of you, it’s something worth mentioning. Having a heated windshield is going to make life much easier for you. Remember the days when you had to get in your car and let things heat up before you could head out to go to work? If your windshield is heated, you aren’t going to have to spend as much time doing this and that means more time that you can be on the road and reaching your destination quicker. This is going to greatly reduce the amount of time you waste each day and you aren’t going to feel as rushed this way, either; which is definitely a plus.

No More Windshield Wipers?

Let’s face it; many of us have a love-hate relationship with our windshield wipers. Sure, they help us see but sometimes they just don’t move as quick or as slow as we’d like and remembering to turn them on can be a hassle; especially for new drivers. Those things capture and hold so much dust and dirt and if you forget to clean them, you end up with nasty streaks all over your window and that’s the last thing you need, especially during a storm.

Did you know that many cars are actually coming without windshield wipers? Instead of needing wipers, these cars use pressurized air. This will definitely make life a lot easier for many of us; especially those of us who are so busy that we can barely keep up with maintenance. Why stress yourself out when your car can help keeps things running smoothly for you? It’s a lot better that way, allowing you to focus on the road and the tasks at hand.

Interactive Windshields

If you are a big fan of GPS then you are going to love this latest windshield addiction. Did you know there are actually windshields nowadays that are like large computer screens? Not only can they display things for you such as how much gas you have left, what the temperature is and how fast you are going but they can also interact with you.

Let’s say you are trying to find the nearest gas station. Instead of needing to plug your phone in and search or invest in a GPS, you can do it directly from your car. This way, you are never going to have to worry about accidentally leaving your device at home or finding that perfect location in your car where it’s not only out of the way but in a location that is safe and still allows you to see where you are going without too much effort.

Basically, your car is going to become everything your smart phone has to offer. All kinds of amazing information is going to be at your fingertips. You can see which bands are playing at that bar to your left, get a text message from your best friend or even go on the web. Of course, some people are very concerned about this advancement, worried that it is going to distract drivers but the great thing about it all is, you can see through the images so it’s not as though they are completely blocking your view.

This technology first showed up in Mercedes demos and they have named it “Augmented Reality.” While it still has a ways to go before it is ready, we can tell it is going to completely change how people drive and how they find their way around.

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