Mobile Gaming Technology: Playing Slots Online for Money

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Phone users today are doing everything you can imagine on their devices. They pay bills, communicate with friends, track their daily exercise, and keep in contact with the office. The recreational side is growing, too, with the phone gaming world going far beyond simple arcade offerings and going as complex as Casino Room, an online gambling game.

How has technology made it possible for you to have a Monaco-like experience right at your fingertips from almost anywhere in the world? It has taken growth in four main areas:

Mobile Gaming Technology

Data Speeds

Gaming is, by nature, a fast activity. You can’t plot along at 1990’s-era speeds and expect people to enjoy an online game of any kind. This isn’t solitaire we’re talking about.

The ability to get game results back to the network and to credit the winnings to the player requires fast, reliable internet coverage. A fast transaction keeps players in the game; too many backlogs and the gamer will stop. As long as you get fast results and fast payments, you’ll keep playing.

Data Coverage

All the speed in the world doesn’t help you if you can’t freely access it, of course. You may have a lightning-level DSL connection at home, but when you’re on your lunch break or in a hotel, you need another way to get online.

In the last five years or so, wi-fi has popped up everywhere. Stores, restaurants, and hotels have seen the value of giving customers the power to get online, because it keeps them around longer and gets them to spend more money. And most cellular providers are increasing their tower coverage on a daily basis, making it easy for you to play games on a mobile device even when you aren’t near a fixed wi-fi site.

Device Power

So in the next step, we have to get that fast-moving information onto the screen for you. The increased speed of phone processors and their larger storage for apps has made it possible for online gamers to step away from the laptop and play right on the phone. A roulette game just can’t work on a slow phone; you won’t see the results quickly enough and you’ll get frustrated.

The advent of phones that have the necessary power for games has helped to fuel their widespread use.

Financial Transactions

Finally, a casino game is impossible if you can’t upload your wagers and download your winnings. Some weird process of getting game credits that had to be redeemed elsewhere would have never caught on, so it took a method of handling money online to make it all work. Bitcoin, PayPal, and the secure systems that power them were a critical final ingredient to help generate the world of online casinos.

Casino games are fun in person, but there’s always disappointment comes when you have to go home from Vegas or Atlantic City. With online gambling games, you can get all the fun of the roulette wheel without leaving home, and technology has made it possible.


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