Mobile Armour: U.S. Department of Defense Prepares Ultra-Secure Version of Android

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Under the banner of the project Mobile Armour (literally, “mobile armor”), the Department of Defense U.S. on board a super-secure version of the operating system Android designed to equip smartphones and tablets used in the military.

Enrolled in the program continuity Fishbowl launched by the powerful NSA (National Security Agency United States), the concept is not limited as to protect the devices themselves, but more sensitive data they contain.

In this spirit, the work will focus mainly consequential on the software side, during four years at the option of working with Invincea, subject matter expert.

The investment amounted to some $ 21.4 million. Some drivers have already been held this year in Afghanistan.

Benefit, ultimately, all mobile devices used in offices and on the ground in a problem reminiscent of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), but with the heart of the debate critical data whose confidentiality to any order test is critical.

The increase in virus threats, spyware and more generally of cyber-crime have questioned the immunity of the information of the utmost importance.

In an effort to anticipate the spread of the phenomenon on mobile, the United States intend to introduce a system whereby the white list only applications authorized in advance by an administrator will run on a given device.

In a second step, as a last resort, it will be touching the curative aspect to cut short the Office of malicious components that were swapped between the cracks.

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