Mobile Application Programming

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Application programs are programs that deliver a specific function to its user. Normally, an app program gives the user some function or can provide this functionality to another application program. There are many types of app programs that deal with data, web browsing, images and communications, to name just a few. App programming also entails the use of specific operating systems. Thus, apps can be developed for Android, iOS, Blackberry and so on. App programming also entails the use of specific software and supporting programs. One more term that is useful to know is API, or application programming interface.

Mobile Application Programming

API is nothing but the interface with which all software components communicate with each other. This API will differ with different computer languages and protocols. Mobile app programming describes all the processes that go into developing app software for all handheld devices. This category of devices includes smartphones, mobile or cellular phones and so on. Some of these smartphones and devices can be pre-loaded with such app programs. Alternatively, such apps can also be downloaded by the end users or customers. Factors such as hardware configurations, the device’s screen size, software changes and so on go into the making of apps.

More and more companies are looking for mobile app programmers because apps are truly a unique and powerful way of communicating with clients and enhancing business and brand image. Mobile apps are a booming market and every leading manufacturer is looking for app programmers who can make the difference. Almost every company in every industry is coming up with apps. Whether they are selling products or services, companies are looking for apps that will help them build clientele and interact with them more effectively. Social networking sites are also looking at mobile app programming to create an even bigger presence for themselves.

Mobile app programming should take care of a few important aspects and the biggest factor is that of functionality. Apps need to get to the market as soon as possible and they need to help the client with various requirements. App programming can thus meet demands for information on games, travel, news, sports, data and education. There are quite a few mobile client platforms that can be used to develop mobile apps. Some of the examples of these platforms are Symbian and Windows Mobile. Technologies such as Macromedia Flash or OpenWave also need to be managed to create mobile apps.

Mobile app programming companies also offer a range of services related to the same. Typically, a client can approach such companies with details of the kind of apps he wants, the platform he wants to use, the technologies that can be used, and the kind of content he wants to make available to end users. There is also the concept of an integrated development environment which enables app developers to test apps in the target market platform environment. This will help in validating the functions of the apps and correcting any aspect that needs it.

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  1. Nataliya February 12, 2013 at 7:56 pm -

    I can’t vouch for how good this book would be for a complete benngier. If, like me, you are already experienced in an another programming language then this is by far the best book to get for learning c# and the .Net 4 framework. I should know, I spent ages in a computer bookshop comparing all of the c# books on offer. As of the date of this review (March 2011) the book is bang up to date with a good explanation of some of the latest Microsoft innovations such as WPF (Windows Presentation Framework) design and controls, XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language). Both of these scary acronyms are easier to understand than they sound, partly because they are so well explained by the author. I like the easy instructional style and well worked out examples. John Sharp does not waste words but spells out each programming/design principle with just enough text and more importantly, just enough example code for you to get the point. I am a huge fan of the Head First series and was tempted to buy the Head First c# book. I had a look through some of the chapters of the Head First c# book and have to report that it is not up to the usual (very high) Head First standards. The only puzzling thing about the author is that he is a Gillingham supporter. Why??? Apart from that weirdness I recommend Step by Step very highly.

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