Microsoft’s Surface Book is a Laptop that Can Turn into Tablet

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We have been using several creations of Microsoft such as software, operating systems and many other things in our day to day life. Likewise, in order to grant us the experience of using laptop, Microsoft has launched yet another new creation called “Microsoft Surface Book with a Twist”. Of course, this surface book contains all the key features exactly what the laptop contains. The surface book is a hard device and it does also have some foibles in it. The device should be charged on to take away the screen and the keys seem to be a bit soft.

Microsoft Surface Book

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While comparing with screen sizes of surface 3 and surface pro 4, the Microsoft surface book has a wider screen resolution. As well, the storage capacity of the surface book is more while comparing to other similar devices. That is, the storage of capacity of surface pro 4 is, 8GB and surface 3 is 4GB but the storage capacity of the surface book is 16GB. The camera clarity and battery life are also too good in this surface book while comparing with surface 3 and pro 4.

Surface Book Specifications

  • Operating System – Microsoft Windows 10 pro (64 bit)
  • Latest Price – 1,699 dollars
  • Graphics –128MB Intel HD graphics 520
  • Size of the Resolution – 13.5 inch, 3000 x2000 touch screen display
  • Device Memory – 8GB
  • Networking System – 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Device CPU – 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 – 6300U
  • Storage Capacity – 512GB SSD (retail version – 256GB)

Design of Surface Book

Besides the inbuilt design and software, what makes people go mad about the surface book is that, its physical infrastructure. The outlook and bodily design of the surface book has no comparison. The design of the surface book is very sleek and the pickup is to the point. The report says that, the surface book is very handy and slim in looks while comparing to the other mobile devices and laptops.

The front side of the surface book is 13mm thick and the backside of the surface book is 22mm thick. If the surface book is configured with non GPU version, its weight would be 3.3 pounds. In case if the surface book is organized with Nvidia GPU version, its weight would be 3.5 pounds.

Structure of Surface Book

The Microsoft surface book is designed to be stayed comfortable on your lap. This is why this device is called as mini laptop. In this surface book, you could address the keyboard with spacious and handy keys as similar to the today’s laptop. The keys are designed to comfort and gratify the users with its deep click feature while accessing it. But the only point is that, you could not address the function control keys in order to diminish and adjust the brightness of the display which is very important while you are accessing the surface book at night times.

But the self adjustable light sensor is configured inside the device which could sense the situation when you need to adjust the brightness and execute according to that. The device has a spacious touch screen resolution, resistance-free lusterless surface and versatile touch options like two-finger scroll down option and long touch option for copy and paste. And then, if the needed be, you could remove or disconnect the keyboard and use it as a temporary tablet as well.

Final Words

If you are the one, who would like to enjoy the features of both laptop and tablet in one device, Microsoft surface book is something you should consider for sure. You will be comfortable using this device because of its smart and elegantly designed features. The haves and specifications will never let you down.

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