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Where Have I Been?!

They say unless you live under a rock, you know about text to speech. Well I finally came out from under my rock then! Cause I didn’t know about it. Sure I knew the basics of it, not so much what it was all about but the simple basics and that it was called audio transcription but sadly that’s where it ended.

Audio Transcription

So while looking around to find out what I was missing and knowing I’m super cheap, I looked for free text to speech programs. I found out that a lot of these programs basically do the same thing. They do change up a bit in the types of documents they support, and how easy they convert text into speech.

Some of the free programs for text to speech are directly put into your computer, where you basically use it to read any text. For some, you need to provide the exact text you want to have converted, and you’ll have to specify the document you want used.

No More Microsoft Sam! 

When you’re looking at the best audio transcription free to speech programs, you might want to look at some of these.

The Natural Reader with hot key is rated top of the list for free speech software.
When you want to hear your text, you just have to select the text, and press the key you selected with your hot key account. The Natural Reader will read it so you as soon as you convert it. This program is great for the beginner because it’s so easy to use.

Next is Ispeech this text to speech program is a web-based program, that will translate online for you. You don’t have to install or download anything for this service. It’s as simple as copying your text and then pasting the text you want converted. You can also upload the document you want converted. Ispeech will convert it with any of these methods.

i Speech

Espeak is a great audio translation service for foreign languages. This one is unique in it supports foreign languages such as Afrikaans, Cantonese, Danish, English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Spanish Vietnamese, Welsh and so many more. This is the only one that offers this service.

Enough Already?

The last one on the list for free text to speech service, is DSpeech this program converts the text to speech with ease, while letting you save it as audio files. This is an easy no frills Software.

All these transcription services that use free text to speech software programs that I’ve mentioned are all good, and extremely easy to work with. Test them out and see which one you like.

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