Lessons From The Top 3 Facebook Marketing Campaigns in 2011

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It is not an unknown fact that Facebook is the most popular social networks available today, and various giant corporate and companies have time and again used Facebook to market and promote their business, and create a large fan base.

Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Here we discuss the top 3 best Facebook Marketing campaigns of 2011. Business owners must pay special attention as it has a lot of tips for them to take notice of and leverage their own businesses.

1. Kohl

This is perhaps the most commendable and noteworthy incidence of Facebook being used both for marketing and altruistic reasons. The campaign looked fairly simple as the Department store Kohl announced that it will give away $10 million to various schools which their fans would decide. What followed was a massive surge of traffic as people flocked down to its Facebook page, became a fan in order to cast their votes. In the end, 20 schools that received the maximum number of votes were selected, and they were all given $500 thousand each. It should be noted that each of the winning schools got over 100,000 votes.

The fact that made it so huge was that it was magnanimous on the part of Kohl to donate 10 million dollars and also the fact that they actually took out on parks etc in order to spread the buzz out of the virtual world of Facebook. And it also had a lot to do with the fact that they were backed by an amazing team taking care of the Facebook campaign.

2. Target

Another departmental store which rolled in the glory of Facebook marketing campaign was Target. Target allowed its Facebook fans to decide where the store would donate 1 million dollars to. The difference in their approach was that they actually came up with a unique application named “Super Love Sender.” It would keep the fans updated in real time about the status of the voting contest and that which charity was in lead.

The winner was St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Target ended up getting an enormous fan base for its Facebook page.

3. Ford Explorer

Since 2010 Ford displayed a shift in its promotion tactics by showing an inclination towards the social media platform, and being true to its form, they actually pushed the limits with their innovative ideas, when it came to Facebook Marketing. They unraveled little bits and pieces of information which eventually lead them to unveil 2011 Ford Explorer.

It was the first time when social media was used to unveil the car and not some auto expo or car show etc. and they really pushed the limits further when after their fan base reached a particular limit, they picked up a random person and gave away a free Ford Explorer.

These were the top 3 2011 Facebook marketing campaigns. We are hopeful that it will help you shape up an innovative Facebook marketing campaign for your own business.

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