Is Twitter the Best Social Network- Some Features of Twitter not Found in Others

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Twitter is among most popular social networking site. It provides micro blogging service that allows its users to send and receive text messages. It enables the users to exchange messages up to one hundred and forty characters. Twitter is better than other social networking sites for the following reasons.

Twitter the Best Social Network

Any news breaks on twitter first no matter what the topic may be. The community on twitter is open for anyone thus one can share things openly. Networking is wide on it as compared to other social networking sites. As one usually approaches the friends and family using social networking site but twitter is open. One can not only interact with family and friend but also with anyone who wants and shares similar interests like you have. One can comment on television shows. This is huge thing in interacting with television shows. By this you can just read the stream of twitter and can come to know what is happening around. This can be more entertaining knowing what people say about the television show and the characters in it. This can make a boring show even more interesting and entertaining. Twitter is not just a means of killing time. It is a complete means of entertainment. Not all people want anonymity, but it is for those people who want to express their opinions and views without getting any backlash or getting fired, Twitter is great for remaining anonymous.

There is a long list of services that twitter allows its users. Few of them are listed below and which may not be available in other social networking sites.


It is the website used to see reviews, information and different news about films.


It is the website used to track the number of messages received by each user of the Twitter.


This is a multilingual application. This application enables the users of twitter to filter the messages and also to synchronize.

Easy chirp

This one is a web-based Twitter application this is especially for disabled users of twitter and users of assistive technology. This is also useful for those who have older technologies such as Internet Explorer 6 or low band width Internet connectivity and even for those that are not JavaScript supported. Thus this simple and easy interface is ideal for beginning Twitter and other web users.


It is some kind of social stream curator.


This is an open source clients for Twitter.

Manage Filter

This is an application that helps its users to a follower management as well as other random tasks of management.


This is another application. It allows the users of twitter to message directly, reply, re-tweet , search twitter or follow anytime and from any email inbox.


When the users update portfolio, add some new service or a new blog post, it automatically update followers. Plus it enables manual updates of posts on Twitter.

There are many other applications and features in twitter that make it more popular among people, which may not be available in other social networking sites.

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