iPhone X: What You Need Alongside It

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The iPhone X, available for pre-order from October 27th 2017, is the next generation of smartphone technology and will include a number of exciting new features. Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple, delivered a keynote speech about the latest smartphone at the Steve Jobs Theatre on September 12th 2017 in front of a vast audience. Advanced facial recognition, improved camera, expanded screen and the absence of a home button are notable features of the new design while various add-ons and accessories are available to enhance the user’s experience.

iPhone X

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Cases and Covers.

Anybody that has owned an iPhone will know that they get scratched, scuffed or scraped through recurrent use and that they may become covered in dust and grime. Cases and covers, available from a number of outlets that include the Apple store, can protect the new iPhone X from the wear-and-tear of everyday existence and extend the lifespan of the device. There are over 150 cases and covers for sale, fashioned from materials such as silicone gel and carbon fibre-reinforced polymer, that are available in hard and soft form as well as in a variety of colours and artistic designs.

Screen protectors.

One of the key features of the iPhone X, according to Apple, is that the screen occupies most of the space at the front of the device. The 5.8 inch display, made possible in part by the omission of the home button, is covered in a layer of thin glass that can crack or scratch easily and needs to be protected. Screens, likely to shatter if dropped from a height, may become unusable when cracked and repairing the damage can be costly. A range of screen protectors are available for the device, ranging in price from under £10 to over £50, that are made from plastic or tempered glass.

Wireless Charging.

Issues surrounding battery life and problems associated with recharging via electrical cords, usually caused by damage to the charging port or by the inability of iOS software to recognise the lightning cable, have been a major design flaw of previous iPhone models and a source of immense frustration to smartphone users. The Apple AirPower charger, announced at the 2017 launch event, enables wireless charging of the new iPhone X via electrical induction. The iPhone X, in accordance with Qi standards, can be charged by other wireless charging pads on the market.


The announcement of the iPhone X, due for release in November 2017, has generated a lot of excitement among fans of Apple products and looks like it will become one of the leading smartphones on the market. The device, ranging in price from £999 to £1,149, is in the higher price range which is why it is important for future owners to purchase iPhone insurance. Buying iPhone insurance protects Apple customers if their phones gets damaged, lost or stolen and purchasing iPhone insurance can save smartphone users a lot of money in the long run.


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