iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 5 SE

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The Smartphone giant Apple always keep innovating something new, whether it is in the features or the name of their iPhone’s. This time, we heard something about the iPhone 5 SE. Now you might be thinking, “What is iPhone 5 SE?” The iPhone 5 5 SE is going to be the small iPhone, with a 4-inch display and other similar features with iPhone 5S. These are just rumors, so just wait until official news comes in.

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 5 SE

According to the rumors, the iPhone 5 SE is designed for the budget smartphone segment. With the smaller screen and similarities with iPhone 6S, Apple fans are assuming that it the iPhone 5 SE may replace the iPhone 6S and 6. In this post, we are revealing some things, based on rumors, which you should know about the iPhone 5 SE.

  1. Not a Replacement:-

The iPhone 5 SE may not be the replacement for iPhone 6S or iPhone 6. The Apple will not do anything with the iPhone 6 and 6S smartphones until the better alternative comes in. Although, they might decrease the selling price of the iPhone 5S and then continue to sell iPhone 5S with low price to finish the stock of this smartphone.

  1. Storage Capacity:-

Currently, the latest iPhone model, which is iPhone 6s has three different storage options. With 16 Gb, 64Gb and 128GB, But, with the iPhone 5 SE, the Apple may cut the one option of internal storage. So, iPhone 5 SE may have two internal storage options of 16GN, which will be the base version and 64GB.

  1. Colorful smartphones:-

With the range of Royal colors like Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, Apple made their smartphone look more premium. That’s why iPhone 5 SE may feature with the same color. So, the Apple will not introduce any other color option in the new iPhone 5 SE smartphone.

  1. Camera :-

Rumors suggest that there will be no change in the camera section in new iPhone 5 SE than its latest released iPhone 6S. Currently, iPhone 6S has a 12 MP rear camera, which can capture stunning photos, So the iPhone 5 SE may have the same camera sensor to capture quick pictures. Also, Apple may introduce the Live Photos Features, Rumors say.

  • Verdict:-

There is no point to believe in rumors before the official release of the Apple smartphones because the Apple always gives a shock to their fans. But, if these rumors turn out to be true, then it’ll be awesome to get the hands on new iPhone 5 SE.


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