Important Things to Consider With Web Hosting

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You have decided it was time that you had your little place on the Internet. The first thing that you are going to have to figure out is what domain name (web address) you want and where to buy it from. There is little doubt that a commercial was the first place you heard that you could buy a domain name from, so you might as well start there. Once you get your own address to your new favorite place on the Internet, the next thing you are going to have to figure out is where to host the domain that you bought yourself. Web Hosting companies are everywhere and that is not an exaggeration at all.

Web Hosting

Here are some of the Important Things to Consider With Web Hosting

Choosing The Best Deal

You can choose to go with the same place that you bought your domain from, but you should know, there are better deals out there. Going to Google and doing a simple search for “web hosting” returns almost 100 million results and the first 3 pages of the results are companies that are looking for your business. There are some things that you need to consider when looking for web hosting for your domain. The list is longer than the items that I am going to touch on here, but at least you’ll have a reference to the more important ones in my opinion. For your first website you should look for the web host that offers the most features for a decent price. is a perfectly good place to start.

Hosting Unlimited Domains

For a little more than £100 per year you can set up unlimited domains, websites and email addresses, in case you were thinking of taking over the Internet some day. With your monthly fee you are going to get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, free templates and many 1-click installs for popular software like WordPress. Keep an eye on where you are buying your hosting from as many third party companies popup and are actually reselling the main companies hosting services. The problem with the third party companies is many times the customer service seems to disappear and that is one thing you WILL need when setting up your first website as long as you do not know what you are doing.

Popular Hosting Companies

Popular companies offer 24/7 customer support and many times a forum where you can get even more help from current customers. Hosting companies should offer you more unlimited features than not. If you are getting information for a company that caps your bandwidth, disk space or even your customer support, you might want to think twice before buying, even if it is cheaper. There is no way you will know what type of traffic amounts you will be dealing with on your website, so unlimited is the way to go. Easy setup and control of your backend files is also very important. It might not seem like something that you need to worry about now, but as you get more used to messing with the files, you are going to want immediate control of as much as possible.


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