Ideal Ways to Add Photos to Your Website

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One of the essential elements of web design is the photos, not only do they look great, but they also add a visual statement that can hold a viewer’s attention. Knowing how to place photos on your website to create the best look is vital if you want more people to stick around. Here are some essential tips for adding photos to your website.

How Add Photos to Your Website

A Large Background Image

Many companies have adopted this look to give their websites a greater impact. They simply have a super-size image as a background with little or no writing; this is designed to not only look great but also to entice the viewers to find out more inside. The image you choose has to be dynamic and of course, high quality, a pixelated photo won’t make a good impression. As well as static images, some companies will have a large moving image. Instead, this can be extremely compelling to the viewer, even more so than a static image.

Adapt to Your Website

Whatever the type of website you have, you need to adapt it to suit your needs and those of your viewers. If you are running a photography site, then use the images as your main content, though it helps to have short descriptions with each photo so that people know the ideas behind them. Websites such as have lots of ideas that can help you get the right balance.

Experimenting with Color

Color can add a powerful dimension to your images and your website. By using certain colors, you can send a subliminal message to your viewers about what the site is trying to say. Using red can help you to convey a feeling of love or anger, while blue has a calming effect. You can also play around with the colors of your images to make them look different and more striking. Many sites now use a monochrome filter on their images to give them a different look.

Add Interactive Images

Interactive images are extremely popular at the moment, even if you are unsure what they are, the chances are that you have seen them a lot on other websites. An interactive photo is something that changes when you roll the mouse over it. It could be something as simple as changing color, or it could be that text pops up. Whatever way you use it, interactive images are a great way to keep the interest of your viewers and encourage them to click through.

Laying Out Your Images

Probably the best way to get the most engagement is to have your photos laid out in a grid or a gallery. It is especially effective with photography websites, but even a blog can use it to grab the readers attention. Also, a photo and a brief description of the post is more than enough to keep people on your site.

By imaginatively using images, you can turn even the most mundane website into something visually stunning.


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