HTC’s Launch of The New Lineup: Windows 8 Gone MIA

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HTC recently unveiled its latest lineup of signature Windows Phones with an overdose of the Microsoft CEO Ballmer’s vaunts but just one little itsy bitsy thing missing, the very Windows Phone 8. We all know how the iPhone is swiftly landing in to the hands of new eager owners almost everywhere. But shush! Don’t even talk about touching this Mimosa pudica plant, that is touch-me-not, as the same has been ordained by the two companies who have thus far launched their Windows 8 phones, Nokia and HTC respectively. HTC’s Windows Phone 8X launch has come with great sense of déjà vu of the Nokia Lumia launch, whereby nobody other than the official demonstrators was given the liberty of going beyond three screens, the home screen, music player and camera application.

Is it because of functionality issues?

Most of the witnesses are smelling something fishy about the functionality of the Windows Phone 8 put out by now. The three companies HTC, Nokia and Samsung have all been shooting a line with their Windows Phones but none of them has been permitted to build such ebullience over the heavenly features of the new Windows OS. The developers are not any different in this regard as even they have been like those unwanted geeky kids left out and unnoticed. Only the makers of the most downloaded apps have been given the privilege of programming for various features of the latest operating system. This is not particularly the ideal way of going by a launch of any new smart phone with a latest OS but seems rather demure.

Microsoft’s perquisite, or at least what it appears to be, to hold back features until it feels it’s okay to release the news but the problem with their strategy is that gives a sense that some of the gears in this overall composite are not moving in the right direction. Be it Nokia, HTC or any other smart phone manufacturer they will obviously want to retain all their potential consumers from purchasing an iPhone, considering the new ones are on sale, so they have given out these teasing partial reveals. Ostensibly, Microsoft is not going with flow which reflects on Microsoft and OEMs not in a good way, more so as if the OS-maker is not up for a well coordinated launch.

The man, the wife and the mistress

The crux of the issue lies in the fact that the users have been bombarded with outlandish hardware announcements without the presence of an operating system that would even demonstrate its seamless functionality, making the entire ecosystem look bewildered and not so reliable. In order to add to the confusion, the both premium partners have a love triangle thing going on. Nokia has been blowing the Windows trumpet for quite some time now but with Steve Ballmer making a stage appearance with HTC and making statements that announce the 8X as a Windows Phone hero, makes it look like Microsoft is going to have to go to a very furious Nokia wife back home.

Still, the hopes should be kept up for the company as its previous versions functioned well, and so will this one in all likelihood. The more important factors that Microsoft needs to bear in mind are making sure Windows 8 is all that it has been promised to be and it is also showcased and promoted in a manner that is catchy, not with same shy attitude. The odds are that it will provide an OS that is up to the mark and also has defenses to keep mobile spy apps, Nokia spy apps (specifically with regards to the new Nokia Lumia series) and all other malware at bay.

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